Best Diet for Siberian Huskies: Facts and Recommendations for a Balanced Diet

It’s a well-known fact that Siberian Huskies were bred in the far North of Russia to be a hard working sled dog – enduring and strong.

The Chukchi tribe, that first created the breed, needed a dog that can run for long period in an extremely cold weather without much food needed.

Feeding and Nutrition

This still stands for Siberian Husky breed. Relatively this dog needs less food than you would expect, judging by its size. Talking about the amounts of food, trust you dog in choosing how much they eat. Normally, healthy adult dog doesn’t eat if it’s full or if they don’t have enough exercise.

Though, if the Husky managed to put on the weight it will be really hard to lose it. And overweighting poses serious danger to its health and shortens life expectancy. General recommendation for Husky is to feed them only 60 percent of the portion recommended for the dog of its size by manufacturer on the food label.

The science of pet nutrition is a constant battlefield – every veterinary has his own ideas, but there are two major theories. One theory is that the dog should be staying on the same feeding plan, using mostly the same food (dry or fresh) all its life, to have better digestion and stomach functioning. The other, states that dogs are natural scavengers and for this reason need a wide variety of food.

Recommendations for a balanced diet for the Huskies

Siberian Husky is one breed that doesn’t usually like eating the same food all the time. They might start being bored with their food and then you can add other ingredients to their normal diet.

For example, reduce a bit the biscuits they usually eat and mix the rest with some chicken mince. Let them have a bit of fish or minced meat, vegetables etc. Be careful with cheese – it can be upsetting for the stomach, but in small amounts it’s a delicious treat for the dog.

You might get surprised that a Husky stopped eating even its favorite food. Sometimes it’s hard to see what turned the dog away. It can be that they don’t want to eat the food of this shape or texture anymore, or that once this food made them barf.

There’s no easy way to deal with this – try changing the taste of the food with the small addition of other ingredients. If this doesn’t work and you have to move the dog to the other type of food make sure you do it gradually so the digestive system of the animal has time to adapt.

What is not allowed for Siberian Huskies?

Remember, that even If we say “variety” the animal still needs balanced diet. Never give Husky:

  • cooked bones;
  • onion;
  • raisings, grapes, prunes, etc.;
  • too much dairy;
  • macadamia nuts;
  • avocado;
  • coffee or Tea.
Important: remember that puppies should have different diet than the adult dogs.

Husky is a dog that was bred to run a lot in the wild, so for the proper life they need enough exercise. According to their training schedule you should feed it not right before the exercise and at least half an hour after it. This will help their digestion and you’ll avoid them having stomach pains.

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