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Eye diseases in beagles
Common Beagle Eye Problems: Diseases and Treatment: Eye Diseases In Beagles

These diseases range from almost harmless, to those that may even damage the dog’s eyes to the point of blindness. And that is why it’s important for you to understand and determine the correct eye disease, and treat it as fast as possible.

Be very cautious! The sooner you find the problem, the sooner you will treat it, and your pet’s health won’t suffer as much.


There’s a wide variety of possible problems that your Beagle may experience. If not treated well enough, even the most peaceful of those problems will grow into something much more threatening.

Warning! Most of the eye conditions below may occur because of an infection. Hence to prevent most of them you possibly just need to care for the pet’s eyes.
  • Dry Eye is a common issue, observed throughout many Beagles. It is relatively easy to identify and to treat. If blood vessels in your pet’s eyes are larger than usual and you can easily see them, or, perhaps, the dog is blinking very often, then it’s obviously a signal of the dry eye. To fix this complication, you may visit your vet and ask them for help, or deal with the problem yourself. In the second case, you should see if your Beagle has immunity or nerve problems. Additionally, if your dog had to take a lot of medication lately – that might be the reason.
  • Cherry Eye (Bloodshot eye, etc.). Extremely harmful when not treated well. Perfectly describing it’s name, the Cherry Eye is when one or both of the animal’s eyes are incredibly red, sometimes even closed for a long period of time. There’s almost always a disgusting-looking substance stuck in the edge of the eye. Sometimes, there may be an excessive amount of tears constantly pouring from the eye as well. It’s not completely known why this may happen, but the most possible reasons are the infection and an external injury. The cherry eye is treated surgically inside the vet clinic. The operation is focused on getting that “disgusting substance”, the tear gland back into the correct place.
  • Watery Eyes. Probably the most peaceful of all conditions, it is quite often ignored by pet owners. It doesn’t do much harm, unless the illness is in a very bad state. How do you identify if your dog actually has Watery Eyes? First of all, excess tears may collect under the eyes into black spots. Additionally, in very bad cases the eyes and everything around them may also get irritated.
It is adviced: to clean the skin under the eyes with a napkin or such from time to time, just for hygiene purposes.

You shouldn’t ignore the problem completely, especially if the eyes are very runny and it obstructs the dog’s vision. In such case, as always, you should ask a vet to do check your Beagle for any serious problems. There’s not much you can do on your own here.

Puppy Health

Important to note! You should most cautiously pay attention to your puppy’s eyes. If you don’t treat something in such an early age for the dog, those problems will appear in a prolonged period of time and cause many bad things.

Do puppy health checks on a regular basis, feed it with the most nutritious and quality food you can find, walk it every day etc.

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