Common Ear Problems of Beagke: Symptoms of Ear Diseases and Caring


Beagle has dropped and floppy ears that helps them to trace preys during a process of hunting. But this kind of pendent ears make a Beagle prone to various infections, such as bacterial, fungous and infections or caused by mites.

Debris and ear wax fall over the ear canal which blocks air flow. This creates a rather dark, moist environment in which bacteria tends to grow.


It is a well know assumption, that, it is easier to prevent an illness than to treat it. Careful cleaning can help to prevent these potential problems.

This grooming activity should be done at least 1 time per week:

  • Choose a cleaning solution (in any pet shop). It’s important to use a quality product so that ears are effectively disinfected.
  • Make cotton balls or just use a gauze.
  • Lift the flap and squirt the cleanser into the ear canal of a dog.
  • Gently massage the base of the ear at least for 1 minute.
  • Using a clean cotton ball or sterilized cotton gauze pad, wipe the ear canal and an outer ear very gently.
Be careful! It is not advisable to use cotton swabs to clean into the canal. Sticking a swab into a Beagle’s ear can push the ear wax down further and cause injury.
Recommendation: while cleaning ears, you Beagle can start to shake its head very intensively. It is a normal reaction. You can praise your dog after cleaning giving it a chance not to be afraid of this grooming procedure in future.

There are useful tips for making a home remedy for cleaning Beagle ear canals: a cleaning solution can be replaced with hydrogen peroxide mixed with water in the ratio of 1/10. This accessible and cheap medicine perfectly cleans and disinfect.

Symptoms Infection

Pay attention to the following:

  • Beagle constantly shaking its head;
  • Beagle scratching at the ears using its front paws;
  • a bad odor from ears;
  • any discharge of fluid from ears;
  • thick wax layer;
  • signs of discomfort for your dog;
  • lumps in the ears.
Advice: if you have noticed any of these symptoms, do not postpone a visit to your vet doctor. Only a veterinarian can examine dog’s ear canals properly and define the cause of a problem and prescribe an appropriate treatment (antibiotics, topical ointments and medicated drops).


Some Beagles have chronic ear problems that keep coming back as soon as the medication is gone and some medicines can’t treat the infection fully. It is important to find the cause of the problem, because a lot of ear infections can lead to even more serious health concerns.

Warning! A sample of the ear discharge should be examined to identify the exact type of bacteria or virus. Also, a dog owner should clean dog’s ears more properly and eliminate all allergens, that can cause such reoccurring problems (insanitary conditions, dry foodstuff of low quality, etc.)

The most common causes of chronic ear infections are Pseudomonas (a type of bacteria) or scarring, that was obtained during long-lasting ear inflammation.

In the most neglected cases, or, when cleaning and medicines do not show any effect, a final option may be a surgery. A specialist will surgically open the vertical canal. The ear is then easily and completely cleaned out and treated.


As a rule, Beagle is a healthy breed with strong immune system. However, due to their pendant ears, a dog becomes prone to ear infections. Preventive measures are the best way to protect beagle from such problems. If you have noticed some symptoms that were listed above, please, consult with your vet doctor.

10 Photos of the Common Ear Problems of Beagke: Symptoms of Ear Diseases and Caring

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