Common Нealth Problems in Dachshunds

Common dachshund health problems


Like most species with hunting roots dachshunds have a good health. At least in comparison with decorative dogs. However, due to the structure of the backbone and peculiarities of the psyche and the nervous system, the breed has a number of specific diseases, which we describe today.

The purpose of this article – not so much in the correct diagnosis (even veterinarians are engaged) as to make the owner think necessary for the prevention and maintenance of excellent pet health.

Dachshund health


One of the most frequent causes of treatment in veterinary clinic – complaints of back problems in dachshunds. Typically, symptoms appear suddenly: always moving animal that can take the most intricate postures suddenly becomes restless, shifting from place to place in search of a comfortable position. In this case, palpation (gently and carefully with your fingertips to feel the spine) shows painful place in the lumbar area of the dog.

All these signs point to a hernia or displacement of intervertebral discs – the most common, we can say breed, dachshunds disease.

After a while the hind legs may start to deny and the animal will not be able to control the process of urination. Some individuals may lost motor activity immediately, without any preconditions.

Piebald dachshund health problems

Treatment is carried out exclusively by a veterinarian appointment after a thorough examination:, X-rays, test fee. Treatment depends on the state of taxes: in some cases it is sufficient to carry out conservative treatments (massage, physiotherapy, together with drugs), while others require surgery.

Osteoporosis in Puppies

Second pedigree disease – osteoporosis, or swimmer’s syndrome. Disease occurs in many dogs, but in the case of the disease with the taxi is registered much more frequently, affected puppies in age of one month.

Lack of sufficient amount in the diet of minerals, vitamins (including A), rare walks the sun are predisposing factors for the disease.

Typical symptoms of the disease – a floating gait legs are leaving and have to move the puppy on her stomach.

Again, the best condition can be avoided by feeding, in which the ratio of calcium and phosphorus balance.

Important! to find a middle ground in the preparation of the diet: overfeeding – contributes to obesity in puppies as overweight chance of developing the syndrome is very high.

Eye Disease

Among this breed especially short-haired ones, often encountered disease associated with the pathology of the eyelashes (or double row of growth at a right angle to the traumatization of the cornea), is accompanied by redness of the eyes, tearing and photophobia.
All these diseases are genetically dependent, easily corrected by a surgical scalpel from the competent veterinary ophthalmologist. However, animals that have fixed pathology, should not be allowed for breeding


This – the scourge of the breed. Designed for hunting, for a life full of activity, urban fee often ends up in a situation where her instincts remain unfulfilled. As a result of bulimia becomes second nature dog.

At this point, it would be possible to show the shocking photos of animals in the late stages of obesity, but we will not do: no desire to spread negativity.


In any case, we advise you to read the article about the nature of modern taxes, about the features of this breed, and that it needs. Specific diseases in dogs are not so many, and all of them are treatable or easily alerted correct feeding and maintenance.

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