Dachshund Back Surgery


Many of you are probably in life saw dogs, whose legs lie on a trolley with wheels. It means that the hind legs do not walk the dog, and it moves with the help of a special trolley.

Veterinary surgeon probably will recognize in this picture dachshund, as the back problem is the most common for them. This article covers the reasons of such situations and suggests what to do further.


The most common cause of the physical disbalance may be a herniated disc. In such cases, one of the components of the disc (nucleus pulposus) falls into the cavity of the spinal canal where located the spinal cord. After that the disc starts to press on it. As a result of compression develops neurological disorders. Further, it occurs in dysfunction of dog’s movement.

Attention! What you need to remember as the owner of dachshund:

  • It is necessary to restrict the dog’s activity if you see some suspicious activities. ( for the same reason – the back limb can continue destroying).
  • The sharp deterioration may occur at any time (in this case you need to know the address and phone of appropriate specialist).

The Possible Ways to Recover

The outcome of the illness depends on how long the spinal cord was under pressure and the degree of this pressure. So, for the first second degrees it is recommended conservative treatment and prognosis of this degree is usually good. At the same time, if the therapeutic treatment is ineffective, it is necessary to make an operation.

Hernias with third or fourth degrees of neurological disorders require surgery, as in this case the spinal cord is already compressed disk tissue where blood circulation cannot be restored without removing the hernia. The prognosis for the timely conduct of surgery at the appropriate time is also good.

At the fifth degree of neurological disorders it is required emergency surgery, since the compression is so powerful that in a few hours (sometimes within an hour), there is a destruction of the spinal cord cells and irreversible paralysis of limbs. Usually, such operations are very difficult and in some cases may not be ended successfully.

Advice: the cost of the operation depends on the level of the disease, so it is vital to take a veterinary consultation in the first attributes of disease.

Recovery after Surgery

The goal of surgery is to restore the patient’s quality of life. How fast is the restoration depends on what state it was before the operation. Patients retain the ability to walk before surgery, recover within 2 weeks, the same who was saved only deep pain sensitivity limbs to recover it can take up to 4 weeks.

Also in the postoperative period may need help in emptying the bladder and exercise.

9 Photos of the Dachshund Back Surgery

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