Dog Breathing Fast When Sleeping

Dog breathing fast


Although dogs cannot speak, the attentive owner always might notice changes in the health of his four-leg friend. Often dog’s breath may signal serious diseases of the respiratory system or heart. For some breed fast breathing is normal, but many breeds can suffer from some illnesses.

Let us find out why dogs are breathing heavily and fast and what should we do to get rid of it.

Dog breathing fast when sleeping

Why are Dogs Breathing Fast?

Normal respiration rate of dogs is about 10-30 breaths per minute. It depends on the weight, age and gender of the dog. Therefore, rapid breathing during the period of rest should cause concern to the owner.

Advice: in order to identify the number of respiratory movements you must count the breaths in 1 minute, for this you should put your hand to the chest of the dog.

Dogs are breathing fast due to the following reasons: pain, heat stroke, gastric dilatation and torsion of the stomach, diseases of the respiratory organs, asthma, heart weakness, tetany during pregnancy and lactation and epilepsy.

What Should the Owner Do?

The actions of the owner at first aid to the dog with frequent breathing will depend on the reasons that have caused it.

Dog breathing fast while sleeping
Recommendation: first of all, you should measure the body temperature of the pet, if it is raised (more 39ºС), rapid breathing may occur as an accompanying symptom of respiratory diseases.

In this case, you must contact your veterinarian for a thorough medial check and appointment of antibiotic therapy. Also in the hottest period these symptoms are signs of heat stroke. In this case, the owner must remove the pet to a cool place, wipe the body with water or alcohol, put a wet a towel on the head and feed the dog, then go to the hospital.

If the body temperature is normal, but fast breathing is accompanied by wheezing and a dry whistling cough, it is likely that the dog has asthma. It might be seasonal, depending on the flowering of plants. Asthma, especially severe, need remedy treatment which is appointed by the veterinarian.

Warning! If rapid breathing of the dog occurs in late pregnancy and additionally is accompanied by seizures, clumsiness in movements, you should immediately consult a specialist, because these symptoms can lead to the death of the pet.

Recommendations to the Owners

Hospital admission is needed if the dog’s life is in serious danger. In other cases, you can treat your pet at home.

There are some recommendations to the owners whose dogs have rapid breathing:

  • never restrict the dog’s access to water;
  • strictly follow the recommendations from the veterinarian, and always adhere to them;
  • in any case do not treat your pet with your own medicine, as in some cases this may lead to the death of your pet;
  • try to visit your veterinarian as often as it possible.

Finally we can say that dogs’ fast breathing, especially when sleeping, is not normal. Often this is a sign of some diseases. So you should be attentive to your pet and always consult a veterinarian.

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Dog breathing fast when sleepingDog breathing fast in sleepRapid breathing in dogsDog breathing fastDog breathing fast while sleeping
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