German Shepherd Scratching: the Causes and How to Prevent

Keeps Scratching Constantly

Dogs are much more likely to get an allergy than us, humans, just due to the fact that they are always closer to the ground, grass and bushes. Unfortunately, German shepherds with shorter hair have an even higher possibility of catching skin allergies.

Thus, sometimes you may or may not encounter your pet scathing itself. And not just lightly fighting the itch a couple of times per day, but constantly keeps very vigorously scratching and pinching itself!

This might point to problems with skin (allergies and such) or even the presence of fleas. Either way, it’s important to get rid of these problems, and fast!

The Causes of Dog Scratching a Lot

Dogs, just as people, need some washing. We do this all the time for social reasons, but washing the dog is good for it’s health, especially in hot conditions. You see, when the dog is dirty, the temperatures in it’s fur may increase, unlike a clean one. Unfortunately, dogs don’t really care though. So it’s your job to wash the dirt off your pet from time to time.

Advice: not recommended to bathe any dogs more than once a week though, as this may cause all kinds of allergies, or just waste your time.

Well, if you would just wash the pet once a month, it would be fine! So, not paying attention and/or not bathing in time are two ways for your dog to catch different skin and fur problems. Just be sure to care for your dog’s hygiene and everything will probably be fine.

Nonetheless, this is not the only way to get fleas, other being the environmental conditions, like humidity and overall temperature. But, other from that, the home cleanness is also important. Especially if there already were fleas lately. That is important, as fleas leave a lot of eggs all over the place. And if any manage to attach to anyone – it’s not going to be great…

Fleas Ears, Eyes and Face

Fleas are attracted to pets in such circumstances, as:

  • warm weather;
  • humid environment;
  • not clean surroundings;
  • bad hygiene control.

The first 2 being constant and unchangeable, unless you move to other territory, obviously.

β€œSo how do you fight those cheeky little fleas”,- you may ask? First of all learn to find fleas on your dog. For measure, you can find them near the ears and in deep fur on the dog’s body. Let’s say you’ve found little insects on your German shepherd. Now, you must wash your pet with anti-flea shampoo a couple of weeks.

Be sure not to get any in the eyes, or in fact near the face! It is also recommended to visit vet clinic if you need any help. The faster you notice fleas on your dog, lesser the chances for skin irritations, and, as a result, allergies to appear.

The easiest time to locate fleas is while playing with the dog. But remember – there’s a slight chance that you might get fleas on your head as well.

Stop All the Scratching

Let’s assume that you haven’t found fleas in time, and now your poor German shepherd is having a hard, glowing with red irritation on it’s skin as well. What do you do?

How do you stop all the scratching? First of all, wash off all the fleas there are by following the recommendation above. Then, make sure there aren’t any possible sources for the problem to happen again, like too much dust, bad food and etc.

After this is done, be sure to find out what caused the problem, and eliminate it completely. If it worked, then you were successful! Otherwise, try something else before you finally deal with it. And, again, it’s best to ask help from the vet before doing anything!

Thank You for reading!

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