Interesting Facts About German Shepherds: History Information and Some Training Tips for Owners

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German shepherds are strong, decisive, and confident dogs. They are selfless protectors and devoted friends. As soon as this dog admits that you are the owner, it will try to please you and will fight for you to death, if it is necessary.

These dogs are rather suspicious of strangers; it needs a lot of time for their vigilance to be relaxed. German shepherds are always on the alert; they do not miss anything happening around them. That is why they are perfect guards and protectors. If you make contact with a dog of this breed, it will become an excellent companion for you.

History Information of German Shepherds

The very first records mentioning this breed are dated to the seventh century. They appeared in the old German laws which prohibited killing of these dogs on penalty of harsh punishment. Judging by the information found then they were considered to be primitive dogs.

Later, at the beginning of the sixteenth century, German shepherds were described in one of the texts as strong, courageous dogs that were able to protect a flock, property and the home of an owner.

The demand for this breed was increasing gradually and they spread to other European countries. Meanwhile, plenty of breeders appeared who have started to raise these dogs for the purpose of selling them. Hence a lot of worthy dogs were grown.

Since that time German shepherds have become favorite dogs for lots of people of different professions, especially police and customs officers, hunters, and many others.


At present, there are two main camps that have quite opposite opinions about the process of German shepherds’ breeding and the results of it. The first one aims to grow dogs that will be able to participate in dog shows. The second side tends to breed working or athletic dogs. In fact, the appearance and character of these two opposing groups differ a lot.

Specialists raising show-class dogs choose them by their looks and the character of their movements. This dog must be attractive to take part in the shows. Also, it should have a good character: it should not be aggressive to people, should let a judge make all the necessary measurements easily, be active and rather energetic.

The second type of breeding assumes growing athletic dogs participate in prestigious international competitions where they compete in the best way of training dogs. These dogs are usually very fast as they have shorter legs. Dog trainers from different states teach their dogs to seek a thing or a person, obey commands, and protect the owner. Usually, they are more enduring than the dogs of the first type.

Some Training Tips for Owners

  • The owner eats the first. Feed the dog only when you have eaten your food. Your pet should learn to wait and endure hunger. Never give your dog something from your kitchen table. It should know that its food is always in its bowl.
  • Never let your dog lie in your bed. Teach it that your place is only for you and that access to your sleeping place is denied for it. If you do not train your dog immediately, it can become disobedient later.
  • The owner never makes way for the dog. If your pet is on your way, gently push it, it must give way for you.
Advice: the dog should go into an elevator, public transport or a door only after you. This will keep you from losing it.
  • Do not forget about the leash. Your German shepherd must know that you walk it and not the other way around.
  • Do not allow your dog to eat something from the ground. It can have a tragic end.

A German Shepherd is Your Friend

All in all, these dogs would be great ones if you train them properly. They perfectly get along with their owner and the children as well. This breed has a very calm and stable character.

A well-trained dog will always be good at home, outside and will obey you in difficult situations.

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