My Beagle Has Diarrhea: What Remedies to Give and What to Feed

Being Sick

Every dog feels ill sometimes. It happens because of various reasons: they walk in the streets and eat something bad, fight with other dogs or just get some sort of infection in the surroundings. But to see your favourite pet being sick is always a disaster for any owner.

That is why it is very important to know what to do and how to behave when your beagle gets sick. In this article we are going to discuss such an awful disease as diarrhea that is rather widespread and no dog is secured against it.

Chronic Diarrhea

Although beagles are very hardy and they are not susceptible to any chronic diseases, several periods of indisposition happen during their life. Thanks to their strong health, beagles get better very quickly.

But if the disease lasts for a long period of time, you should take measures to help your pet to become healthy again.

The Causes

Diarrhea presupposes frequent defecation (from three to ten times in the period of twenty-four hours). Dog’s dejectures can be various: liquid, washy, with or without smell, with or without mucus, with or without blood, etc.

The main reasons of this disease also vary:

  • food poisoning;
  • a foreign body in the intestines;
  • infections (for example, distemper);
  • allergic reactions;
  • chemicals poisoning;
  • vitamin deficiency.
Attention! Among the main symptoms specialists point out frequent and painful urges to defecate, redness of the anus, high temperature, feeling of weakness, and absence of appetite.

The First Aid

Firstly, give your dog a bowl of strong warm black tea with sugar. Do not feed it for the next twenty-four hours.

If your pet has eaten something bad, by that period it would be all right anyway. But if there is no improvement after twenty-four hours, take a beagle to a veterinarian.

Cases of Emergency

However, you should not always wait for a day to pass. There are some cases that need help as quickly as possible.

If you have noticed any of the following symptoms, do not put off the visit to a doctor, it can cost you the life of your pet:

  • There is blood of various colours (from scarlet to black) in the dejections.
  • Your dog started vomiting.
  • An intractable (or explosive) diarrhea appeared (more than ten times a day).
  • If your dog is a small puppy.
  • General malaise and apathy of your dog.
Always remember! You should care of your pet every day. Only with the right grooming and daily communication your dog will be healthy, fit, and joyful during the whole life.

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