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Shih Tzu eyes cloudy
Shih Tzu Eye Problems: Infection, Care and Discharge: Shih Tzu Eyes Cloudy

There are few ways a dog can get this disease:

  • by contact with another animal (bacterial form);
  • by air (viral form), usually transmits during colder seasons with low humidity;
  • because of allergies;
  • by getting a foreign object in the eye.
The crux is that the conjunctivitis symptoms are quite hard to differ from symptoms of other diseases. Thus, you can’t help but go to a vet. Treatment will likely include antibiotic ointments to ease swelling and fight off bacteria. Besides, sticky crud should be periodically removed by a cotton ball and warm water, whereas warm compresses should be applied to ease swelling and bring down pain.

Dry eye syndrome

This disease bears a tongue-twisting name “keratoconjunctivitis sicca” and appears to be one the most common-spread ocular problems of Shih Tzus. The dryness caused by tears underproduction results in scratches and damage of conjunctiva (the mucous membrane that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and the exposed surface of the eyeball) and cornea (the mucous membrane that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and the exposed surface of the eyeball). The primary symptoms of KCS are:

  • excessive yellow or greenish discharge, due to gunk deposits on the eye corner;
  • pigmented cornea;
  • blood vessels on the cornea.

KCS can be caused by numerous things, including herpes, disease or any others, but the main reason has nothing to do with infections and related to genetics (breed predisposition) and immune system problems. So, you’ll probably have to use lubricating eye drops till the end of your dog’s life.


The symptoms of this very serious disease include:

  • cloudiness;
  • redness;
  • enlarged pupils.

Self-treatment is not an option, only a skillful vet can help your dog in this case, by applying complex treatment, including various ointments and agents designed to relieve pressure, protect eyes neurons and treat the infection.

Natural and Home-made Soothers

Although self-treatment is by definition a vicious activity, there are some ways you can sooth your dog’s discomfort in urgent situations. You can try making a salt solution: just take a cup of lukewarm distilled water, add ¼ teaspoon of sea salt and mix. Apply the mixture by a cotton ball then tear dry. Besides you can make eyebright or chamomile tea, let it cool down to room temperature and start dripping 2-3 drops into each eye 2-3 times per day until the infection clears. If you fail to fight symptoms during a few days, consult a vet immediately.


In the end, it would be wise to mention that in any emergency case no internet article will be of use, contact a vet as soon as possible if symptoms seem severe so a dog could get a professional medical help.

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