The Best Shampoo for German Shepherd: Characteristics and Top Shampoos


If you want to see your dog happy and healthy and to avoid problems of shedding, learn how to take care of the German Shepherd correctly.

Certainly, it is not possible to avoid molt. However, you can make this process less tiring and irritating for yourself and the dog.

Recommendation: to make the dog’s coat shiny and healthy you have to feed the dog correctly, bathe it when it is necessary, groom its hair every day and use the right shampoos.

Grooming Tips for Starters: How to Brush the German Shepherd

German Shepherd has an outer and under coat. The first one is thick as it protects the dog from external conditions while the second – is much softer. Preparing for different weather conditions or “making a free place” for new hair, dogs sheds several times per year.

To make this process easier for both – the owner and the dog, follow these rules:

  • Brush the dog every day or maximum once in two days – make this rule a part of your daily routine.
  • Use just professional and effective tools for brushing – they are made for this process that is why there will be no harm to the dog’s skin and hair.
  • Start with the line of hair growth and then brush in the opposite direction.
  • Brush out any mattered fur gently – do not hurt the dog and do not damage its skin.
Advice: to make this process more pleasant for the dog, you have to make it get used to it and even take pleasure. Never do that as a punishment: this routine will be repeated hundreds of times so do not make it an annoying process for both of you.

Shampoos for the German Shepherd

However, the process of brushing will be really complicated if you do not care about the cleansing process.

Remember: if you wash the dog regularly, its hair is in better conditions, so grooming and shedding do not cause big problems.

So how does the process of bathing the dog look like? And what shampoo to choose? Before applying a shampoo, be sure that all dog’s hair is wet enough.

Be careful: control the process of spreading water on dog’s body – do not let it come to its eyes, ears or nose in order to avoid hypothermia or infection.

Do not forget that the choice of dog’s shampoo depends on the type of its skin that can be dry, scaly, sensitive, problem, oily and itchy.

Allergy Shampoo

First of all, pay attention to products that do not consist of such ingredients as sulfates and alcohol as they can dry dog’s skin and even cause an allergy.

If the dog has scaly or dry skin, choose shampoos that claim to be moisturizing. If its skin is oily, the product should have function of minimizing the production of oil and moisturizing as well. For example, anti-seborrheic shampoos can help if the dog has dandruff.

If your German Shepherd has sensitive or itchy skin, use shampoos that give gentle cleaning. Usually they have such ingredients as chamomiles or oatmeal: they do not cause any allergic reactions.

Shampoos Against Fleas: Do They Really Work?

If your dog has fleas, do not panic about it and do not follow any “marketing traps”. All shampoos will be able to kill fleas as there are no special ingredients for this job.

However, in order to kill future fleas and to stop their reproduction is better to use medicine that should be prescribed by a vet.

Warning! If your dog is prone to rash or any infection, it is recommended to use shampoos with antimicrobial properties. They will do gently cleansing without provoking skin irritation or infection spread.

When dog’s bath is over, dry it thoroughly with a large towel.


Having a pet is not a simple thing. Once you have decided to take the German Shepherd, be ready to take care about the dog, like it is a member of your family. It will make your little friend healthy and happy and the pet will pay you back: it will be your best friend.

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