How to Make a Shih Tzu Topknot: Styles and Accessories

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The Shih Tzu breed is famous by its beautiful smooth hair. You can grow it fool length to the floor or go for a fun and short haircut, but one problem you’ll always meet is the facial hair. Especially at puppies age the hair around the eyes and the fringe seems to grow in any direction, as the petals of the chrysanthemum they say. Flower or not – it spoils the visibility for the dog and doesn’t allow you to see it’s bright eyes. So what you can always do is a cute topknot, you have all accessories needed on the market.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a simple topknot:

  • Small elastic band;
  • Rattail comb;
  • Fine comb;
  • Bows or other decorations.

And now, you follow these steps:

  • Find a small bump in the center back of the head – that’s the last point to collect the hair for the topknot. Carefully start parting hair from the outer corners of the eyes and collect them in V shape the wider part of V being closest to the nose;
  • Brush it good with the fine comb and tie them with the rubber band the hair about 1 inch from the scalp. Then gently push the band closer to the scalp. There are some special bands you can buy that do not pull or rip hair;
  • Comb the rest of hair around the eyes down and maybe use a little bit of styling gel to keep them in place, flat and proper;
  • Add a small bow or another decorative piece to finish the styling.

Those are the basics, but then you’re only limited by your imagination! You can find video tutorials from the grooming professionals for some cool tips. Here are just some of the ideas:

  • Curl the hair coming out of the knot and fix it with hairspray;
  • Make two or more knots one behind the other and connect them;
  • For the young puppy make two short palm tree-like knots above the eyes instead of one knot;
  • On the second turn of the band don’t release the hair all the way and keep it in shape of a roll on the forehead, that gives a all-classic Chinese look to a dog;
  • For the all-white dog, it’s nice to add a bit of the cool bright coloring on the ends of the hair, coming out of the topknot.
Attention! Use only the cosmetic products which are created especially for animals!

These are only few ideas for a topknot hairdo styling, then remember all the ways you can plat the hair, cut it or dye it. Get creative!

And if you’re looking for the accessories you can use there’s a huge choice on the market! The choices of the backings depend only on what works for you. There are 5 basic options available:

  • Bands;
  • French barrette;
  • Plastic barrettes;
  • Alligator clip;
  • Alligator clip with GripZie.

The only way to choose your favorite – is just to try them on.

And for the color or style of the bow itself – the possibilities are unlimited. You can choose from classic ones in different shades, to funny handmade featurettes on rubbers in any shape, simple and festive, with beads and pearls, even if you want a diamond bow you’ll get it. The sky is the limit!

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