Golden Retrievers and Cold Weather: Can These Two Get Along Well?

golden retriever in snow
golden retriever at the snow roadgolden retriever in snowgolden retriever get coldgolden retriever in snow

The golden retriever is a big dog with a lustrous coat that is soft and robust to provide them with the looks that make people fall in love. Everyone believes that these beautiful beings can tolerate and get along well in cold weather. This assumption is true, but there are some factors that you must consider while making the notion for their stay outside in the cold weather. According to […]

Dog DNA test – Embark Breed + Health Kit

When you are not sure about your pooch’s parentage, the DNA test kit can offer you the most potent information regarding the ancestor. This information will help you find the genetic diseases and health issues that could affect the quality of life of your best buddy. The family tree offers you the information from a huge database that contains the genetic signature of the most common and uncommon dog breeds. […]

Arthritis – Canine Rheumatoid Arthritis

Canine rheumatoid arthritis is fairly uncommon in dogs, although it can affect small and Toy dog breeds. Different sources cite different ages as being the most common range that canine rheumatoid arthritis shows up. Giffin & Carlson suggest it is 4 years. suggest between 5 and 6 years. suggests the most common range is between 2 and 6 years, though it can show up as early as 8 […]

Teaching Your Dog to Sit

All dogs should learn basic obedience, and sitting when told is a particularly useful skill for a dog to master. Sitting on command can be especially beneficial to your dog in greeting situations. In fact, with proper training, your dog can learn that sitting is the best way to encourage people to say hello. Teaching your dog to sit on command is relatively easy. Step 1: Teach Your Dog to […]

The Awful Deadly Truth About Steroid Use For Dogs

Is your dog taking steroids for any conditions such as allergies, immune diseases, inflammation from arthritis, stomach and intestinal inflammation, or a host of other problems for which steroids are given to our pets? Dangerous Side Effects Are you aware of the awful side effects these drugs can cause, sometimes turning deadly? The most frequent side effect in dogs is increased thirst. Side effects of anti-inflammatory steroids can be numerous. […]

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