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Welcome to https://1001doggy.com, a website about all aspects of owning, caring for and training dogs.

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silvia brown

Welcome, dear friends! I’m delighted to have you here. As a seasoned dog owner with years of experience, I initiated this blog to share my extensive knowledge and insights about our beloved canine companions. Hailing from the vibrant city of New York, I am not just a writer; I am a dedicated dog enthusiast on a mission to enhance the lives of our furry friends through well-informed articles. Thank you for joining me on this journey to make our dogs’ lives happier.

Silvia Brown

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Noah Sanchez author of 1001doggy.com

Hello, I’m Awilda M Rodriguez, DVM, CVA, a dedicated veterinarian with a deep passion for animals. With years of experience in veterinary medicine, I’m here to review articles related to our beloved dogs. My goal is to ensure that the information you find on this website is reliable and helpful for all fellow pet enthusiasts.

Dr. Awilda M Rodriguez

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