The Best GPS Trackers for Dogs

tracking dog collar
tracking dog collar

Dogs love to travel. Moreover, at the most inopportune time and with the most unpredictable consequences. With the help of GPS tracker, you will not only determine the location of the dog on the map, but also receive an SMS if the dog crosses certain boundaries. This is a great tool for owners who have been in a desperate situation many times and thought they had lost their beloved pet. […]

5 best and useful teeth-cleaning toys for dogs

Having a pet has become quite trendy nowadays. Everybody loves to spare time with their pets, so they become relax and sound. We know that enjoying quality time with pets boosts the positive energy in a person. It removes some stressful moments from your life and revives your good mood as well. Different people have different pets according to their likes and dislikes, but the most important of all is […]

American pitbull terrier weight

American pitbull terrier puppy weight chart
Average Weight of American Pitbull TerrierAmerican pitbull terrier weight pullingAverage weight for american pitbull terrierAmerican pitbull terrier weight

Introduction The legendary strength and incredible stamina, powerful bite and quick movements, exclusively developed intelligence, sociability and intelligence, even-tempered and affectionate nature and big smile – all of it is a pitbull or American Pitbull Terrier. Currently, pit bulls are widely used as service dogs and companion dogs. The focus though was on the fighting breeds in the past. Now these are loyal friends, very rarely showing aggression, even to […]

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are small, friendly dogs. They have a cheerful, good-natured, playful personality and unusual appearance. French Bulldogs are attached to all family members, great companions[5], and get along well with children. They are incredibly successful due to their temper and compact size. French Bulldogs are sociable, cheerful, mobile, exceptionally affectionate with the owners, get along great with children and love to play. Summary Breed name: French BulldogCountry of origin: […]

American pitbull terrier red nose

Pitbull terrier red nose
Red nose american pitbull terrier puppies for salePitbull red nose terrierRed nose american pitbull terrierRed nose pitbull terrier breeders

Pitbull Terrier Varieties American pitbull terriers, interestingly, actually came from Britain a couple of centuries ago. This led to them being divided into multiple varieties, one of them is now known as “The Old Familiy” (or the “Red Nose Pitbull”). It originates from Ireland. Even before the dogs transferred to America, they already had some red coloring to them, including the well known red noses. And until now this distinct […]

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