American pitbull terrier red nose

Pitbull terrier red nose
Pitbull terrier red noseRed nose pitbull terrier breedersAmerican pitbull terrier red nose vs blue nosePitbull red nose terrier

Pitbull Terrier Varieties American pitbull terriers, interestingly, actually came from Britain a couple of centuries ago. This led to them being divided into multiple varieties, one of them is now known as “The Old Familiy” (or the “Red Nose Pitbull”). It originates from Ireland. Even before the dogs transferred to America, they already had some red coloring to them, including the well known red noses. And until now this distinct color is still seen in […]

Common Health Issues in Golden Retrievers

hip dysplasia golden dog
golden retriever with diseasehip dysplasia golden dogweak golden retriever

The Golden Retrievers is an instantly recognisable breed. Its flowing golden fur and loyal and loving disposition make for a brilliant companion. Because of their friendly nature and tolerant attitude, these dogs also make great family pets even for those with young children. Golden Retrievers also have a high level of intelligence and can make great working dogs with typical roles including being a therapy dog and service dog. Advice: Read more about Golden Retriever […]

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA1 and PRA2) in Golden Retrievers


Let’s figure out what does Golden Retriever Progressive retinal atrophy (also known as PRA) mean, how dangerous is it and how to treat it. What is Progressive retinal atrophy? Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is a common term used for a group of inherited retinal diseases. During the progression of the disease, retina of the eye degenerates over time, eventually worsening the condition and ultimately leading to blindness.This condition affects both the eyes, and is not […]

Dog names for Yorkshire terriers

Good names for a yorkshire terrier
Boy yorkshire terrier namesDog names for a yorkshire terrierGirl dog names for yorkshire terriersFemale yorkshire terrier names

Introduction Yorkshire terriers are active, intelligent, curious and cheerful dogs. They are ready to play and fool all day long with their beloved owner. Yorkshire terriers are quickly related to people and they are considered to be one of the most loyal and faithful dogs. If you decide to take the puppy of this breed – you have made the right choice. And the first thing we should do when we have taken it – […]

Golden Retriever Dog Breed Information: facts, traits, appearance

confused Golden Retriever
confused Golden RetrieverSmiley The Golden RetrieverGolden RetrieverGolden Retriever with puppy

The Golden Retriever is an excellent companion and best friend of a hunter. He is good-natured, calm

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