Big and Allergy-Friendly: Your Guide to Large Hypoallergenic Dogs

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4 hypoallergenic and large dog breeds

Breed Popularity Temperament Hypoallergenic Size
Breed Giant Schnauzer image
Giant Schnauzer
Life span 10 - 12 years

Puppy Average Price 1200 - 2000 USD
58 dominant, intelligent, kind, loyal, powerful, strong willed Yes Large
Breed Lagotto Romagnolo image
Lagotto Romagnolo
Life span 14 - 16 years

Puppy Average Price 2000 - 2500 USD
76 social, trainable, loyal, loving, intelligent, cheerful Yes Medium, Large, Giant
Breed Afghan Hound image
Afghan Hound
Life span 12 - 14 years

Puppy Average Price 2000 - 2500 USD
117 happy, independent, aloof, clownish, dignified Yes Large
Breed Barbet image
Life span 13 - 15 years

Puppy Average Price 2500 - 2800 USD
147 companionable, cheerful, intelligent, joyful, obedient Yes Medium, Large, Giant

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