Cocker Spaniel Skin Problems


In most cases cocker spaniels are not prone to any disease, they are healthy, very mobile and cheerful animals. But, like all purebred dogs, they can suffer from some disorders.

The owners of cocker spaniels need to know what diseases their dogs can sick from and regularly monitor their health. As all dogs, they need some vaccinations and checkups at the vet. If the owners pay attention to the health of their dog, then no problems should arise.

In this article we will find out what skin problems cocker spaniels can suffer from.

Where Do Skin Problems Appear from?

Very often cocker spaniels are suffering from a food allergy. This disease is appeared at the age of 3-6 months. But the diagnosis in 50% of cases is not confirmed, but the dog owners have to make their dog to go on a diet. And skin problems are continuing to trouble. So cocker spaniels are prone to yeast attacks.

Very often skin problems arise in connection with the attack of the fleas, which the owners do not notice in time. Strongest itching causes the dog to injure itself and immediately the scratching is being populated by a yeast fungus of Malassezia or Candida. And the process of destruction of the skin becomes rooted.

Some diseases can be genetic, so the dog should be examined by a veterinarian.

Also some owners do not pay any attention to their pet, so it becomes the diseases’ reason. You should remember that cocker spaniels are the breed which is exposed to diseases the most.

Warning! If the skin problem is not treated for a long time, it can lead to skin cancer.

What Skin Problems Do Have Cocker Spaniels?

Skin diseases often cause itching, inflammation, presence of bumps and warps and painful open sores that can lead to infection of wounds by bacteria. Skin disease can be a reason of great nervousness of the dog and its owner.

Advice: to avoid the worst things, you should immediately visit a veterinarian and your dog should get the recommended treatment.

Cocker spaniels are the breed of dogs which are prone to seborrhea – the skin disease that occurs because of overactive sebaceous glands of the skin. Starting with mild forms, the disease can progress to a greasy, smelly, itchy spots.

This breed has excess skin or even skin folds and very often suffers from skin dermatitis. Dermatitis skin is the result of friction of the surface of the skin that can cause sores, infection and bad odor from the dog.

Other disorders which cocker spaniels can suffer from are:

  • atopic dermatitis;
  • intertrigo;
  • skin cancer.

How to Avoid Skin Problems?

  • Every dog owner should remember that his pet deserves the best: the doctor’s recommendations, quality of feeding and conditions, experienced educator.
  • Choose the type of feeding (natural food or commercial foods).
  • Education from a young age. Find a good puppy teacher. And this person will deal with the puppy and teach it skills of good behavior. It is also the guarantee of health of dogs, especially psychological health.


Cocker spaniel is a dog which can catch a lot of diseases, so if you decide to get a dog of this breed, at first read all about its diseases. But if you keep disease prevention, you can avoid many of them.

10 Photos of the Cocker Spaniel Skin Problems

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Medically reviewed by Awilda Rodriguez, DVM on April 24th, 2017,

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