The Best Dog Shampoo and Conditioner for Shih Tzu: Characteristics and Top Shampoos for Small Dogs

Best Shih Tzu shampoo


It is commonly known that long haired dogs such as Shih Tzu are quite difficult to groom and that you cannot pick any shampoo and conditioner for their precious coat out of the blue.

Characteristics of a Good Shampoo

First of all, you should look for tearless, puppy-specific shampoo. Hypoallergenic shampoos also fit well, since they do not contain detergents, fragrances and other additives that are detrimental for your Shih Tzu’s skin. Instead of them, a good hypoallergenic shampoo has ingredients such as:

Shih Tzu shampoo and conditioner philippines
  • avocado;
  • coconut oil;
  • lanoline.

Avoid using human shampoos, because they may have inadequate pH and contain ingredients that can irritate your dog’s skin. In order to remove urine smell, consider buying shampoo, containing baking soda or citrus. Shampoos with aloe Vera or oatmeal are usually a good choice, since they do not dry out your pet’s skin. If you would like to deepen the black color of your dog’s hair, you can use shampoos with color enhancers.

Top Shampoos for Small Dogs

These shampoos fit for any toy breed dogs as well as for Shih Tzu:

  • SheaPet Shea Butter – shea butter is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. Relieves itching and dryness;
  • Drs. Foster and Smith Hypo-Allergenic – this shampoo is designed especially for allergic dogs (no colors or scents added);
  • U Dog U Herbal – this shampoo contains aloe, repairing dry skin, and other ingredients, repelling bugs;
  • Solay Pets All-Natural – consist 100% of cruelty-free organic ingredients;
  • Vet’s Best Anti-Shedding – strengthens follicles so that dog will not shed. Also used for old dogs with coat thinning;
  • Skunk Off – skunk Off removes skunk scent efficiently, turning a stinky pooch into a noble fragrant do;
  • Skin-eze – kills fleas, lice and ticks, moisturizes and heals the skin. Besides, it alleviates dander in the coat;
  • Johnson’s Baby Shampoo – is a famous vet-recommended shampoo.

Characteristics of a Good Conditioner

A good conditioner shouldn’t contain alcohol, because it is harsh for a dog’s skin. Besides, it must be tearless and lightly scented, since strong odorants may lead to allergic reaction. Please, avoid applying a human conditioner to your dog. Usually the best conditioner for a specific shampoo is the one which goes along with it.

Shih Tzu shampoo and conditioner

Top Conditioners for All Dogs

These ones fit for every dog from Shih Tzu to Maltese:

  • Earthbath All Natural Creme Rinse and Conditioner – it is soap-free conditioner made of natural products. WARNING: this one is heavily scented, so overusing it may be harmful;
  • The Stuff Conditioner & Detangler – the Stuff is both non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Its special formula protects hair from tangling. Silicon which this conditioner contains do not let dirt, urine and dust stick to a dog’s coat;
  • Lambert Kay Fresh’n Clean Oatmeal n Baking Soda Pet Conditioner – this one contains baking soda and oatmeal which work well as conditioning agents. Besides it eliminates tangles and mats;
  • Vet’s Best Moisture Mint Conditioner – vet’s Best Moisture Mint Conditioner is specially formulated for dogs; it makes hair shimmering and lustrous. Also it removes flakes of dandruff, heals itchy and dries skin;
  • DeShedding Conditioner – this one is developed specially to reduce shedding in dogs. Contains no dyes or parabens, consists of organic ingredients only;
  • ResiCORT Leave-On Conditioner – this is a conditioner that can be left on the fur to perform extra moisturizing effects and protects a dog from dust, microbes and allergens. It heals itchiness and inflammation. Among other things, it can boast of anti-itching properties;
  • Tropiclean Kiwi Pet Conditioner – tropiclean is a 100% natural (organic) conditioner that contains no soap or detergents that may serve as allergens.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide. I wish it will be helpful in choosing the best grooming products for your pet. Please, do not forget that only a vet knows best what shampoo and conditioner to opt for your particular dog with his specific needs.

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