Best Dog Food for Mini Dachshund

Miniature dachshund feeding guide


It’s no secret that the health of any dog depends on properly composed diet. Each owner concerned with the question: what to feed a mini dachshund? A balanced diet, rich in vitamins and trace elements will ensure good physical shape, beautiful appearance and long life of your pet.

Some taxi owners prefer to feed them by ready food. Firstly, it is convenient, such a food does not require additional preparation. Others are of the opinion that the fee should eat only organic food. This article aims to provide a feeding guide to mini dachshunds, its special features and how to properly make the diet.

What is the best dog food for miniature dachshunds
Advice: it is desirable that the puppy dachshund, you just brought home, will eat the same food as it was in the breeder. So you will be able to prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions and help to cope with the puppy excitement about the new place of residence.

The Frequency of Feeding

You are now the owner of a puppy dachshund and wondering how much to feed the puppy dachshund? Their food is almost not different from other breeds of puppies. A puppy at the age of three months should eat every four hours.

At the age of three months and up to eight – three times a day. Year-old animal should eat no more than two times a day. But remember, that the mini dachshund should eat in little portions, as there is a risk of obesity.


First of all, remember that dry food is not the best approach to feeding animals, and decorative taxes in particular. The diet should include also organic foods: cottage cheese, boiled porridge (buckwheat, rice), lean beef, chicken. If you have a mixed-feeding or natural, that every three months you must include vitamins in menu of your dog.

Miniature dachshund puppy food

Prohibited Products

No matter how much you love your dachshund and yearned to please her customary delicacy for people remember a list of prohibited products:

  • Never give chocolate. It contains substances can provoke poisoning.
  • Avoid eating chicken and rabbit bones. Such tubular bones do not do any good, only to injure the intestines or stomach. In addition, bone usually become a cause of constipation and broken teeth.
  • Sausages are strictly prohibited. They have nitrate, which is in the body of the dog provokes the development of liver cirrhosis.
  • Garlic and onions. Contrary to popular belief, it is an excellent anthelmintic products, they erode the wall of the digestive tract. Ulcers – the result of eating is onion and garlic.
  • Smoked, fried, salty and fatty foods have harmful effects on the liver.
  • Do not feed spoiled food.

How to Cook Properly

Preparing food for taxes, keep in mind that all the ingredients must be prepared separately. Cook separately cereals, vegetables, meat and mix in a blender. So you can accurately monitor the diet. In addition, vitamins are preserved better.

Note! Broth as a separate dish is not used. It is added to a ready-made meal in order to bring the food up to a proper consistency.

Under the right consistency for dachshunds understand semi-liquid state food. Vegetables and meat can be given in large chunks. It is more convenient for tooth and stomach.

Try to pay maximum attention to the diet of your pet. Your pet should receive only healthy and natural food.

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