9 Week Beagle Puppy: Health and Care, Correct diet


9-week old Beagle puppy is a small and curious creature whose life spins around play, sleep and meal. During this time, it is crucial for a dog owner to provide a puppy with all necessary things to make a dog strong and healthy.

How to take care of 9-week Beagle puppy? Today we will try to give you answers on this particular matter.

How to Feed Your Small Beagle?

Correct diet is a very significant issue for a Beagle puppy of this age. Beagle puppies grow not from day to day, but from hour to hour. By 9 weeks it will reach approximately 17-23 cm height at the shoulder and will weight 3.5 – 4 kilos.

A daily diet for 9-week Beagle puppy should contain a significant amount of proteins (35-50% of overall diet) – a major building material for puppy’s body cells. The main source of proteins for a puppy is read and white meat that should be fed slightly boiled: soft beef, veal, mutton, turkey meat and rabbit flesh without bones.

Be careful! Never feed your Beagle with chicken and pork. Chicken meat is a strong allergen for a puppy and frequent consumption of chicken can lead to various allergic reactions that can affect skin and eyes. Pork is extremely fatty and doesn’t suit for feeding a small puppy, besides, this meat can contain eggs of different dangerous microorganisms, for example, armed tapeworm.

15-20% of an overall diet should consist of starches. A dog owner should remember, that simple starches (potatoes, pasta) should be replaced with complex starches that can be found in cereals. The best cereals for a Beagle’s puppy correct development are buckwheat and rice.

Everybody knows, that dairy products that are rich in calcium and phosphorus are crucial for developing bone tissue. 35% of a puppy diet should be made of curds, yoghurt, cream and milk.
Fresh vegetables (carrot, cabbage, sugar beet, pumpkin) should contain 10-15% of small Beagle daily diet that are able to enrich puppy’s body with some necessary vitamins, microelements and sugars.

Recommendation: a dog owner should feed a 9-week Beagle puppy 5 times a day with small portions of various food.
Advice: it is highly recommended to add special vitamins for puppies to a daily diet, since even the most well-balances diet is not able to provide a puppy with all necessary substances.

Health and Care

9 weeks is a right moment to vaccinate your Beagle puppy against some dangerous and lethal diseases (plague, parvoviral enteritis, leptospirosis). Before the first vaccination it is necessary to treat a puppy against worms (15 days before) with special puppies’ medicines that can be found in a pet shop. In 3 weeks after the first immunization goes the revaccination with the same vaccine.

Warning! At a point of immunization, a puppy should be utterly healthy. After the first vaccination, a puppy may feel unwell for 2-3 days. It is advisable to treat Beagle puppy against worms each month before a dog reaches 6 months’ age.


9-week Beagle puppy is too small to undergo some serious training. The only thing a dog owner can do, is to slightly break of the habit of relieving a puppy at home and do it outdoors.

Another important thing is to begin to teach a puppy a command “stop that!”, “don’t do that!” when it is going to do something unpleasant. A dog owner can also start to teach a dog some other basic commands like “sit!”, “heel!”, etc.


9 weeks is a very important age in the life of every dog: during this time a puppy grows very rapidly and needs well-balanced diet for correct body development. Besides, in-time immunization plays a significant role in Beagle puppy’s health. Take care of your Beagle puppy since the very beginning to make your dog sound and healthy.

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