Common Ear Problems of Beagke: Symptoms of Ear Diseases and Caring

Beagle dog ear infection
Beagle ear infection symptomsBeagle ear infection medicineHow do you clean a beagle s earsBeagle dog ear infection

Introduction Beagle has dropped and floppy ears that helps them to trace preys during a process of hunting. But this kind of pendent ears make a Beagle prone to various infections, such as bacterial, […]

Average Beagle Lifespan: How to Make Your Beagle’s Life Expectancy Longer

Average lifespan of a blue tick Beagle
Average life expectancy of a female BeagleAverage Beagle lifespanAre Beagles good for apartment lifeAverage life expectancy of a Beagle

Choosing a dog is a big responsibility and there are many factors which may influence the choice. Picking a beagle means taking into consideration many things and one of them is life expectancy. Of […]

Beagle Hunt Training: How to Teach to Fetch a Bird and Fox Hunting

How to train a beagle to hunt fox
Training a Beagle to hunt birdsBeagle training for huntingBeagle training for hunting rabbitsHow Do I Train My Beagle to Hunt

Introduction Beagle is a perfect hunter that is able to trace small or medium-sized wild animals and lift birds after they have been shot by a hunter. As a rule, people who keen at […]

How to Wash a Beagle: Bath Time and Shampoo Choice

How to wash a Beagle
How often should you wash a BeagleBeagle bathing frequencyHow to wash a Beagle puppyHow often to wash Beagles

General Care The Beagle is a dog which is not too complicated to look after. Grooming must comply with the requirements for the breed. Beagle, for example, needs periodical combing and washing, if it’s […]

Beagle Dog Skin Problems: The Types and Symptoms of Skin Diseases

Beagle skin disease
Beagle itchy red skinAre Beagles prone to skin problemsAre Beagles prone to skin allergiesBeagle skin problem

Introduction At the present time here are more and more often skin diseases which dogs have. This is due to many factors: irregular and poor nutrition, the deterioration of the environmental atmospheric air, a […]

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