Average Beagle Lifespan: How to Make Your Beagle’s Life Expectancy Longer

Are Beagles good for apartment life
Choosing a dog is a big responsibility and there are many factors which may influence the choice. Picking a beagle means taking into consideration many things and one of them is life expectancy. Of […]

Beagle Hunt Training: How to Teach to Fetch a Bird and Fox Hunting

Beagle hunting dog training
Introduction Beagle is a perfect hunter that is able to trace small or medium-sized wild animals and lift birds after they have been shot by a hunter. As a rule, people who keen at […]

How to Wash a Beagle: Bath Time and Shampoo Choice

Beagle bath time
General Care The Beagle is a dog which is not too complicated to look after. Grooming must comply with the requirements for the breed. Beagle, for example, needs periodical combing and washing, if it’s […]

Beagle Dog Skin Problems: The Types and Symptoms of Skin Diseases

Beagle skin problem
Introduction At the present time here are more and more often skin diseases which dogs have. This is due to many factors: irregular and poor nutrition, the deterioration of the environmental atmospheric air, a […]

Female Beagle Names: Tips for Choosing and Top Cute and Popular Names

Beagle dog girl names
Names List Girl Every good dog needs a good name, and even more so the newborn puppies. They are going to live with it for their whole life, and the nickname will last forever […]

How to Groom a Beagle: Shedding and Trimming

Do Beagles need to be grooming
Introduction Beagles are hound dogs that are very positive and friendly with everybody. Their way of behaviour can be described as rather mentally stable and physically active. This dog always gets along with people […]

Beagle Food Recipes: Nutrition Requirements and Best Homemade Recipes

Beagle homemade food recipes
Homemade The food defines your Beagle’s health, mood and lifespan. The comercial food however looks more attractive than homemade dog food for several obvious reasons. Though, first of all, you wont be certain about […]

Beagle Leg Problems: Limping, Broken Leg, Damaged Nail and Others

Beagle suddenly limping
Introduction Your Beagle willl most likely stay healthy throughout his whole life, though no one is completely safe from the diseases and injuries, so when your suddenly starts to limp, things might be very […]

Beagle and Pug mix: Health Problems and Lifespan, Care and Maintenance

Beagle Pug chihuahua mix
Appearance, Personality and Training Puggle is artificial breed of dogs created by mix of beagle and pug. This crossbreed is interesting as it is impossible to predict how the puppies will look: all dogs […]

6 Month Beagle Puppy: Physical Appearance, Weight and Size

Feeding a 6 month old Beagle
Introduction The beagle is a well-proportioned and well-muscled hound dog. If you look at a dog of this breed, you will get the impression of nobility without coarseness. The beagle was bred specifically for […]

Beagle and Poodle mix: Size, Temperament and Care

Beagle mix with poodle
Who are the Metises? Métises are the dogs who were born from two different breeds. The word itself already says that it’s a mixed breed. Most often the term is used for the dogs, […]
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