Beagle mix Pitbull: Temperament Traits and Living Conditions

Temperament Traits

Metis is a dog of mixed breeds. At their best these are loyal dogs with excellent health, they are friendly and smart.

It is widely believed that the metises are the best dogs. This opinion hasn’t arisen from nothing. Random propagation allows to balance the negative traits of charater and temperament of this or that breed.

Living Conditions

Metises of pitbulls adapted to the conditions of life in the city can become apt dogs to live in a family, but it’s better to make sure that the puppy has not inherited tendency to aggression towards other dogs.

Thanks to the ingenuity, independence and the ability to make decisions inherited from beagle a pitbull mix beagle puppy can be a perfect companion. In the company it is incredibly happy and infects others with optimism and cheerfulness.

Due to the known intelligence of pitbull, the metis is bestowed with mind which helps the host in taming. It also gives the dog the ability to coexist with other Pets.

Vital Stats

Weight – 33 – 39 lbs.
Size – OST the withers of 38 – 45 cm.

Behavior and Training

Attention! The difficulty with this mix is that such a breed is not for everyone, the owner must approach the education and training of his pet with great responsibility, to give it sufficient time and energy so that the dog does not feel lonely. If it happens the animal psyche may undergo unwanted changes.

Overall, however, such a dog will be very fond of society, people and toys. It can easily find common language with other animals. From beagle it may inherit love of treats. Then it will need restrictions.

Interesting fact: Both pitbulls and beagles have some of the features of a hound. The beagle is a purebred bloodhound, and pitbulls used to be taken for hunting. This similarity in purpose of these two breeds makes their metis very curious a dog loving to walk around and sniff out this and that, to hunt their prey.

Go for long walks with such dog. Cycling will be very useful or walks in the woods. But don’t forget about careful training. From pitbull a puppy can inherit a propensity for aggression.

Be careful! You have to be very attentive to the upbringing of the puppy. Don’t let the dog go overboard. For this you must have a clear understanding of what the dog can do and what not.

The emphasis in education should be on its playful qualities, curiosity and desire to please a man, performing tasks and orders.


Give special attention to your dog’s ears. Both parents of such a puppy have a tendency to diseases of ears. Therefore special care is required. Animal ears should be kept dry, be cleaned once a week and do comb the pet. By nature both beagle and pitbull are very healthy.


Short hair does not need grooming. During shedding it is suggested to clean the dog with a wet towel. You can brush such a dog, it will like it a lot. Bathing of the dog doesn’t require any particular schedule.

Be attentive and caring, and then you will certainly bring up wonderful obedient pet.

10 Photos of the Beagle mix Pitbull: Temperament Traits and Living Conditions

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