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It is not a secret that the health of any dog depends on its food and proper diet. Each owner is worried with the question: what to feed a dachshund? A balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals will guarantee good physical shape, beautiful appearance and long life of your pet. In this we will describe and find out what dachshund food is the best.

Ways of Feeding

Some dachshund owners prefer to feed them special food. Firstly, such food does not require any further cooking. Secondly, dog food producing companies are making food for dogs with regard to their needs and preferences.

Other owners have an opinion that puppies should eat only organic foods and feed their dogs food natural products.

It is desirable that the dachshund puppy you have just bought will eat the same food that the breeder fed it. So you will be able to prevent allergic reactions.

Finally deciding what to feed a dachshund, you should start accustoming it to the food that the puppy will eat throughout its life.

Recommendation: Changing the diet should be done slowly. You cannot change the diet a puppy has accustomed to another one. It is important to change it gradually. Also you should not mix one type of food with another or natural products with prepared food.

How Often to Feed

So, you have become the owner of a dachshund puppy and wonder how often to feed your pet? Dachshunds’ food does not differ from the food of other breed puppies. A puppy should eat every four hours until it is three months old. At the age of three months three meals a day is enough. One-year-old pet should not eat more than two times a day.

It is better to feed puppies before you go for a walk. Adult dogs usually eat after a walk, when there is an opportunity to relax after a meal.

Warning! Active movements are not desirable for dachshunds immediately after a meal because this could cause a problem like volvulus.

Regardless of how many times to feed a dachshund, it should always have a bowl with clean water, especially the dogs that are fed with dry food. Bowls for food and water must be individual and they should be comfortable for puppies. Food for them should not be too hot or cold and salty. Spices and salt are prohibited in dachshunds’ diet.

Useful and Harmful Products in Dachshunds’ Diet

If you want your dachshund to be healthy and merry, it should have well-prepared food which will include vitamins and minerals.

The main diet of a dachshund includes:

  • Meat should be well-boiled, if you are confident in the quality of meat, you can give it raw.
  • Fish. Sea fish purified from the sharp bones is desirable.
  • Cereals. Rice, buckwheat and oats are preferable.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
Advice: Dachshunds like fruit, but you should limit some exotic fruit and aromatic herbs like cilantro or celery.

And there is the list of products which are strictly prohibited in dachshunds’ diet:

  • chocolate;
  • sausages;
  • garlic and onion;
  • salty and fries products.

There are a plenty of companies which offer special food for dachshunds. One of the most popular companies, Royal Canin, also can provide your puppy with individual food. Exclusive formula supports bone health and joints of dachshunds and includes calcium and phosphorus.


In order to keep your puppy in a good mood and health it needs proper care. In different periods of its life the diet should give all the necessary vitamins for a healthy life. The duration of puppy’s life depends on quality of feeding, so you must give it all necessary products so it will have happy and long life.

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