How to Train a Dachshund to Stop Barking

How to stop a dachshund from barking


Barking is a usual thing for dogs, but often it becomes the cause of irritation of owners of the pet, and those who have to listen to it any time of the day or at night. Such dog becomes the cause of conflicts between neighbors. That is why the owners of noisy animals are worried with a question – how to make your dog stop barking? Before you begin to do steps to solving the problem, you need to understand the reasons of its behavior that stimulate loud barking of dogs.

Barking is just a way of communication with other dogs and there is nothing wrong, until it becomes too much. In order to train your dog not to bark once and for all, you need to find the cause of its troubled behavior.

How to get dachshund to stop barking

Why Do Dogs Bark?

There are several good reasons which influence make the pet start showing worry or try to attract attention:

  • Game – dog as any other animal is capable of feeling joyful emotions and expressing them through barking.
  • The feeling of fear occurs when a pet is alone or in a closed, very small space.
  • Anxiety – unfamiliar sounds can cause this feeling in your pet and it will answer by barking.
  • Boredom.

Having realized the situation in which your pet feels anxiety, you can take steps to train the dog not to barking.

Advice: It is enough to exclude annoying situations. It is impossible to get rid of barking completely by this way.

Training to Stop Barking

There are some methods to make your dachshund stop barking. Firstly, you need to train the dog to bark by your command. Such control of Dachshund’s barking is the most effective way to provide the silence. The command “voice” must be submitted in the moments when it is going to bark. Gradually, the dachshund gets used to bark only by command.

How to train dachshund to stop barking

It’s also worth training your dog a command “quiet”. During barking you must command it “quiet”. After submitting the command you need your hand to put on its face, but it is possible to provoke the bite of a pet. And if it stops its barking for a moment, immediately praise your pet.

If the dog is often left alone at home, you can leave the radio or TV turned on or something like that. The main thing is that the dachshund should hear the human voice.

Other Ways of Solving Problems of Barking

  • The use of training dog-collars. They are interesting because they sewn special sensors. After the bark a cloud of gas is injected into the air. He distracts the dachshund from barking, besides the dog is beginning to associate the barking and the smell which appears after it connecting with each other. There are variations of these dog-collars – ultrasonic and electric.
  • You can buy special muzzles. They do not let the dog bark. But the pet can drink, eat and whimper.
  • Some dog breeders recommend to buy another dachshund.
  • Some people use a severe method – the surgery on the vocal cords. It is done in any veterinary clinic where the doctor shortens dog’s vocal cords. This leads to the fact that a dog’s barking becomes very quiet.
Warning! This method can lead to some serious problems or even to death of your pet, so it is not desirable to use.

As you can see, there are a plenty of ways how to train your dachshund to stop barking without any reason. The main thing is to choose the one that will be preferable for you and will not do harm to your pet.

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