How Often to Wash a Labrador Retriever: Bath Time and Shampoo Choice

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Usually happy Labrador owners are really interested to know when their beloved pet can be washed. The question which most outrageously bothers them, especially in the cold and dirty time of the year, is how often are they really allowed to bath it without destroying the natural balance of skin.

Here we are to help you and answer all the questions connected with washing Labrador and related.

Labrador retriever bath accessories


Specialist strongly suggest that such a dog as Labrador should be washed with special products not oftener than 2-3 times a year, except for those cases of skin parasites they may catch somewhere.

As for bathing without shampoo etc. you are free to bath your dog 1 time in 2 weeks. That’s normal. Though again there may be exclusions when it comes to really dirty weather and consequences.


For bathing your Labrador will need:

Bath labrador retriever
  • shampoo and conditioner for dogs;
  • terry towels;
  • brush hair;
  • treat;
  • probably some special acsesuars such as toys etc. to distract your dog.


  • Get a special shampoo and conditioner for dogs without perfume components.
  • Carefully! Human means to care for hair in this case will not do, because they will wash away the fatty film covering the skin of the animal.
  • Turn on the warm water.
  • Recommendation: The bathroom doors shut, because the dog might catch cold.
  • Put the pet in the tub. Usually Labradors love swimming, but if yours is not the case and it tries to jump out of the bath, put on the dog a collar and fasten the leash over the faucet.
  • Gently lather the dog with a shampoo.
    Attention! While bathing keep water from getting into the ears of the Labrador.

    Rinse thoroughly the shampoo with abundant water. If necessary, lather the dog again. Lather and rinse shampoo from the head moving along the direction of hair growth to tail. washing paws big dog.

  • Use the conditioner to restore the protective barrier on the skin of a Labrador. Special conditioner and shampoo you can dilute with water. Keep it at the animal as much as recommended in the instructions, and then rinse thoroughly.
  • Talk to the dog so that the process of bathing Labrador does not associate with negative emotions, it is necessary to praise, to encourage, to reassure. After the procedure, reward the dog with something tasty.
  • Wipe the coat of a Labrador with a towel and gently comb. If your pet is not afraid of the hair dryer – dry them. Just pay attention to temperature, which should be gentle.
Advise: to prevent a cold and hypothermia pet do not take the Labrador for a walk in a few hours. If the dog’s fur becomes soiled in the cold season very quickly, use for cleaning special dry shampoos. In the summer you can just rinse a Labrador from a hose and wipe with a towel.
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