Labrador Retriever Pregnancy: Symptoms and Signs, Care and Food

How long are labrador retrievers pregnant for
Labrador Retriever length of pregnancyLabrador retriever pregnancy symptomsLabrador retriever pregnancy stagesLabrador retriever pregnancy signs

Introduction Labrador Retrievers are among the most popular dogs, so you can benefit from breeding your Labrador. But even if you do not consider any profit gain from this and just want to share […]

Labrador Retriever Average Size and Weight

Average birth weight labrador retriever
Average labrador retriever weightAverage birth weight labrador retrieverAverage weight labrador retriever puppy3 month old labrador retriever weight

Introduction Labrador retriever is a big, strong and healthy dog with well-build and athletic body. The average height of an adult Labrador retriever is about 54-58 cm at the shoulder and it weighs from […]

Cancer Labrador Retrievers: Common Types Cancer and Signs

Bladder cancer labrador retrievers
Bladder cancer labrador retrieversLabrador retriever cancer symptomsBreast cancer in labrador retrieversBone cancer in labrador retrievers

Introduction According to veterinarians about 30% of male dogs and 50% female dogs older than the age of 10 suffer from such fatal disease as cancer, which causes a lot of pain and terror, […]

Best Names for the Labrador Retrievers: Browse Popular and Unusual Names

Male chocolate labrador retriever names
Male yellow labrador retriever namesNames for male black labrador retrieversPopular names for male labrador retrieversMost popular male labrador retriever names

Introduction The Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. It is really impossible not to fall in love with this incredibly friendly, sociable and very obedient dog. In fact, […]

Labrador Retriever Swimming Ability: What Makes them the Best Dog “Swimmers”

Labrador retriever swimmers tail
Labrador retriever swimming cold waterLabrador retriever swimming underwaterLabrador retriever swimmers earBlack labrador retriever swimming

Introduction Labrador have a special and innate passion for water. They can easily swim and even dive. It is in their blood, i.e. they do not need learning to swim. Labradors can swim at […]

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