Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever mix: Appearance, Temperament and Health Concerns


Goberian or Goldie (Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever mix) is one of dog lovers favourite cross-breeds of all time. This social and very active pet is a designer dog that looks like a medium size dog with beautiful double coat and blue or differently colored eyes.

Goberian is a very friendly dog that likes meeting new people and spending time in someone’s company. It usually takes the best from its parents. It is gentle and intelligent as the Golden Retriever and energetic and independent as Husky. Moreover, it is very affectionate, obedient and cheerful.

How to Get a Puppy You will Love

Obviously, Goberian is not a purebred dog. However, it is so unique and beautiful that your pet will definitely become the most attractive and incomparable dog of others.

To get a puppy you want you have to do several things. They are:

    • Learn the lineage of both dogs (Goberian’s parents). They have to be thoroughbred.
    • Ask for all medical documents.
Be careful! Some diseases are genetic, that is why you need to examine all certificates as possible to be sure that Goberian’s parents have all the vaccinations updated.
  • If you have choice, learn the characteristics of both dogs. Certainly, it is not possible to predict the character of the dog. But if you will study the dogs’ descriptions a lot, you will be able to guess a temperament of your future dog approximately.

Information about its Parents

You cannot predict all the features of the dog that will be born after the crossing of two breeds. However, if you analyze some data about Goberian’s parents, you will have an idea about the temperament of your future puppy.

Advice: start with learning the information about breeds.

Here you are:

  • The Siberian Husky is an active and hardy dog with lots of energy that can be destructive if the dog is kept inside without any physical activity for a long time. It is not a guard dog, so, it will not really protect you from strangers. However, it is very loyal and devout that makes Husky a real friend forever and ever.
  • The Golden Retriever is an intelligent, friendly and caring dog. It is really a “family” dog. The Golden Retriever is obedient and affectionate; it can play with children, eagering to please his owners. It can be boisterous and even naughty in case of being kept indoors, but it rarely happens as the dog does not need long trainings every day.

Goberian is a dog that is beautiful like its parents. It will be playful and funny, but intelligent and ready to follow you.

Health Concerns

At first, as it was mentioned before, you have to study the story of vaccines made for parents of Goberian. As many diseases can be genetic, for example, hip dysplasia, it is necessary to discover this from the beginning.

Warning! A dog with this illness will suffer a lot as it will not be very active, running and jumping with other dogs, as many actions will cause pain.

Secondly, it is recommended to make a timetable of visits to the doctor. Actually, to go to veterinarian once a year is more than enough.

But having a crossbreed is a big responsibility. That is why owners should concern a lot about its health.


Having calm and gentle temperament from the Golden retriever and a strong-willed and independent nature from Siberian Husky, this dog will be a unique great family dog.

Goberian will be lovable and friendly for people around it, protective and caring for children and loyal and devout for its owner.

10 Photos of the Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever mix: Appearance, Temperament and Health Concerns

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