Australian Labradoodle – Appearance and Life Expectancy


Australian Labradoodle in an Australian hybrid of Labrador Retriever and Poodle firstly originated in 1988. Today, an Australian Labradoodle is multi-generation dog recognized by the Labradoodle Association of Australia and the International Australian Labradoodle Association, Inc.

Appearance and Life Expectancy

Actually, Australian Labradoodles don’t differ much from American Labradoodles. They come in 2 sizes:

  • Standard: 55-60 cm at the shoulder, 27-35 kilos.
  • Miniature: 44-56 cm at the shoulder, 14-25 kilos.
Recommendation: if you are going to buy a Labradoodle you should remember, that it is still rather difficult to predict the future size of a dog (it may be smaller than a Standard Labradoodle or slightly bigger, than a Miniature one). Pay attention to is the size of its parents. and the size of puppy’s feet and head. Keep in mind, that females are smaller than males.

Australian Labradoodles are available in 3 coat types: fleece (like an Angora goat), wool (like lamb wool in texture) and hair (more similar to Labrador’s coat type but longer). Also, there is a great variety of coat colors: tan, gold, red, black, brown or brindle. Most Labradoodles have odorless, low to non-shedding coats.

Be careful! If you are prone to allergic reactions, you’d better choose Labradoodle with fleece-like fur – they are odorless and shed minimally, but this type of the coat has a tendency to tangle and mat. Labradoodle with ‘hairs’ sheds the most and it requires one or two brushing per week, like many other types of medium shedders.

Average life expectancy of an Australian Labradoodle is about 13-15 years.


From a Labrador side, Standard Labradoodles tend to be very active and energetic dogs who needs at least 2 hours of physical exercises a day.

Miniature-sized Labradoodles are less active, but nevertheless they need regular walks with some physical attention. These Labradoodles are the best for apartment settings and small houses.

Warning! Australian Labradoodles need physical activity, otherwise they may become destructive. Engage your Labradoodle in agility, jogging, Frisbee play or ballgames.

Also, Australian Labradoodles are perfect swimmers, so usual trips to waters should be a must.

Perfect Companion and Loyal Friend

Australian Labradoodles are very affectionate and friendly dogs who show great love towards all people. These dogs are for people who are able to stay at home most of the day.

Australian Labradoodles possess cheerful and lively nature, at the same time being careful and amiable. This feature makes Australian Labradoodle perfect dogs for families with small children.

Australian Labradoodles are smart and intelligent; they are ideal dog for training. That means, that this breed is good for first-time dog owners.

Advice: Australian Labradoodles are easy to train, but it doesn’t mean that they should not be trained at all. Labradoodle owner should teach his dog some basic commands and obedience rules.

Some Health Issues

Australian Labradoodles are prone to:

  • food allergies;
  • ears infections;
  • hip and elbow dysplasia;
  • eye disease called progressive retinal atrophy;
  • von Willebrand’s disease;
  • bleeding disorder.


Australian Labradoodle is really a great pet in every respect: it is friendly, loyal, affectionate, smart and energetic. Australian Labradoodle is all-in-one dog for every family.

Author of Silvia Brown
Written by Silvia Brown
Glad to see you, my friends! I started this blog several years ago as a hobby and continue to write articles about dogs.
I'm a dog lover and the proud owner of two wonderful dogs: French Bulldog Maya and Beagle Tom. It's been more than 10 years since I had a dogs and worked closely with them. I've raised four dogs throughout my life and have experience assisting in the births of two dogs. At least once a week, I volunteer with friends at a dog shelter AMA Animal Rescue and Animal Care Centers of NYC in NY.

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2 years ago

my 8 year auzzi doodle has a screw loose,he attacks people, attacks dogs that are smaller , rips pants on old men and goes mental at bedtime . what can i do .

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