Dachshund Common Skin Problems


Dachshunds may suffer from skin diseases and conditions common to all dog breeds, such as allergic reactions to pollutants and food, or infectious skin illnesses (demodecosis, for example).

But there are skin conditions of genetic nature, i.e. hereditary skin issues that mainly affect Dachshunds.

Today we are going to speak about hereditary Dachshund skin problems, as well as about some general dog skin issues of infectious and non-infectious nature.

Common Skin Disease

The first and the most common skin disease among Dachshunds is Acanthosis nigricans – skin pigmentation disorder. Some skin areas begin to darken and get thicker, and this disease may cause some additional unpleasant skin issues also known as seborrhea. Moreover, Acanthosis nigricans is considered to be incurable and the first signs of the illness appear when a Dachshund is still a puppy.

Recommendation: a Dachshund, affected by Acanthosis nigricans, should get life-long supporting care in the form of medicated shampoos and steroids to treat the symptoms, along with supplements (vitamins, macro- and microelements) to improve overall skin health.

Dachshunds, as well as some other dog breeds, are predisposed to Malassezia dermatitis (a yeast infection). This skin condition can appear by itself or as a result of Acanthosis nigricans diseases. The disease manifests itself in the form of a skin itchy rash, that soon progresses to skin thickening and dermatologic foul-smelling infections.

Warning! Once you see your Dachshund is itching, you should visit a vet doctor since there are a lot of reasons for dog to itch. A vet should test your dog via skin scraping. If there is a fungal infection, a doctor will prescribe special shampoos to eliminate yeast, along with oral antifungal drugs.

There is another great skin problem within Dachshunds – skin tumors. General skin tumors in the breed include apocrine gland tumors, affecting the anal sac. As a rule, malignant skin tumors are fatal, and surgery can only give to your dog sometimes. Benign tumors (lipomas) often occur in Dachshunds, and these dogs are susceptible to a rare type of this tumor known as diffuse lipomatosis.

Be careful! If you observe some skin bumps (especially, if they grow very fast, are painful or bleed) on your dog, you must visit a vet doctor.

Hormone Related Skin Problems

Senior Dachshunds may suffer from Thyroid Deficiency. The first symptoms often involve skin issues, including dryness, recurrent infections, skin thickening and hair loss. The only remedy is hormonal replacement therapy.

Skin Diseases Caused by Protozoaires, Ectoparasites and Insects

  • Walking Dandruff (Cheyletiella Mange): you can easily observe dry flakes over the neck and back of your Dachshund. The dog shows mild itching.
  • Damp Hay Itch (Pelodera): a dog has severe constant skin itch caused by a worm larva.
  • Demodectic Mange: severe skin issue always complicated by pyoderma. Affects dogs of all ages, primarily young purebreds.
  • Flea Allergy Dermatitis: appears as a result of flea infestation. You can observe pimple-like rash over the head of the tail and inner thighs. The dog continues to itch even after the fleas have been killed.
Advice: in order to prevent the most of the infectious skin diseases in your Dachshund, do not forget to deworm your dog once in 3 months. Also protect your dog against ticks, fleas and lice with special topical drops, sprays and collars.

9 Photos of the Dachshund Common Skin Problems

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Medically reviewed by Awilda Rodriguez, DVM on April 7th, 2017,

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2 years ago

My 2 1/2 yr old looks like the picture in the top left she gets a bath as needed

3 years ago

Hi Silvia !! I am from Andhra Pradesh India…my dachshund has similar kind of skin issue as shown in the picture..hyperpigmentation with thickened skin and stinky smell..we have 3 dachshunds and it’s really difficult to go through this issue..kindly help..we met so many vets here and used all kinds of antifungal shampoos etc…but invain..what shud be the diet when a pet is going through this and what kind of oral medication shows good improvement ….please please help..thankyou!!

Reply to  Shreya
3 years ago

Hi, Shreya, sorry, I can’t recommend something without a dog checkup.
I only can recommend finding another vet you will trust. I hope your friends or the local community can help you to find a nice doctor.
Or you can write to our partner https://1001doggy.com/consultation-veterinary/

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