Beagle and Poodle mix: Size, Temperament and Care

Beagle poodle mix for adoption

Who are the Metises?

Métises are the dogs who were born from two different breeds. The word itself already says that it’s a mixed breed. Most often the term is used for the dogs, whose ancestry and identity of genes is impossible to be identified.

Often parents of these dogs are purebred representatives of their breed. They can even be Champions and winners of world exhibitions. It is believed that the metis is an improved version of a particular breed, as the baby takes only the positive side of it parents. The particular breed can compensate for negative qualities in the other breed

Beagle mini Poodle mix

Today we are interested in information about the mixture of such two breeds as beagle and poodle.

About Parents

Beagle is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, which for decades has been at the peak of popularity. The name comes from English “small” – and fully corresponds to the appearance of these small pets.

Poodles are the representatives of the decorative breeds of dogs with long, amazing history, which successfully combine attractive appearance and sharp mind. The variety of colors, sizes, innate charisma, unmistakable, recognizable, attractive appearance of the dogs, high and intelligent and the vital energy have provided the poodle with the status of one of the most popular breeds in the world.

Beagle mix with poodle


The size of a half-breed of a poodle and beagle varies. If the growth of a beagle is usually 33-40 cm, then with a poodle it is more complicated. There are several varieties of this breed:

  • Big poodle: 45-60 cm.
  • Medium poodle: 35-45 cm.
  • Miniature poodle: 28-35 cm.
  • Miniature poodle: less than 28 cm.

Accordingly, the half-breed from mixing these two breeds can get all different sizes, but not shorter than 30 cm at the withers.


As for the temperament, from a beagle the metis may inherit friendliness and complaisance. A puppy from poodle and beagle breeds will be active, playful and loyal.

Owing to the same genes of a poodle the puppies will grow up very quick-witted, smart, inquisitive, will have high intelligence, good at learning, being trained and at performing various tricks.

Caution! Metises of a beagle and a poodle are gourmands and gluttons. With their devotees weary look they are always able to elicit an extra piece. To give in in such a case is impossible, as these dogs are extremely prone to overeating and consequently, are subject to obesity.

These dogs are very active, restless and eager to play and run.

Dog Walk

Walking the dog should be long, especially if you have the opportunity to go to some wild nature places or the country. Having inherited this trait from the beagle, puppies will love to grasp new unfamiliar odors so they can escape.

Do accompany them at such cases as being fascinated they can get lost. The large space allows them to fully exercise their hunting essence.

We recommend you: try to often take the half-breed from beagle and poodle over to the garden or the village.The large area (yard of your home, the nearby woods\fields) will have a beneficial impact on the development and health of your dog.


Both poodle and beagle like to splash in water. So there will be no problems with care and washing their metis. Take special care of their fur, especially during shedding.

Attention! It is important to use a hypoallergenic shampoo.

Summing Up

A mixture of Beagle and poodle, what is it? Beagle poodle:

  • Can become rather a good hound.
  • Friendly, flexible.
  • A great companion.
  • Loves to eat and is prone to obesity.
  • Likes to wander.
  • Quite stubborn and independent.
  • High intellect, good learning ability.
  • Good-natured, calm disposition.
  • Perfectly suited for inside living, does not show aggression.
  • Energetic.
  • Requires constant attention.
Recommendation: if it inherits curls from poodle, you will have to put a lot of effort looking after its fur.

10 Photos of the Beagle and Poodle mix: Size, Temperament and Care

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