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Long haired Dachshund shampoo


The Dachshund is a scent hound that is usually tracking its possible bags and shoveling the ground during regular walks. Also, disguising itself from a wild animal, a Dachshund has an undesirable habit to eliminate its own smell by means of wallowing in mud, debris, rotten food leftovers or even carrion and faeces. So, this is a nature of all hounds and a future Dachshund owner should be prepared for such a distinctive dog trait.

More than that, Dachshund is built low to the ground with many flaps and wrinkles and long ears and, inevitably, your dog will contact and collect all possible debris and mud from the ground. Moreover, such dogs are more exposed to dangerous insects like fleas and ticks.

Long haired Dachshund shampoo

How Often Bathe a Dog?

The answer is definitely depending on the time of a year: your Dachshund will be more dirty in the spring and in the autumn, since bathing in winter can be even dangerous.

Let us get all this straightened out:

  • Summer. Long active walks in parks and woods (especially during hunting) can cause a lot of dirt on your Dachshund paws and belly. In this time of the year bathe your dog 1-2 times a month, taking turns between soft shampoos and special shampoos that are made to protect a dog from fleas and ticks.
  • Autumn and spring. Your Dachshund is muddy and black of dirt (belly, paws). Wipe your dog after every walk with soft material or special gloves. Bathe your dog every week with soft shampoo.
  • Winter. As a rule, Dachshunds don’t possess dense fur that can protect them of harsh winter weather, but all dogs have special skin oily cover that helps them to retain body warmth (more or less). So, bathe your dog once a month or even less often.

Best Shampoo for a Dachshund

All dog shampoos may be divided in accordance with the purpose they are going to serve:

How often should i bathe my puppy Dachshund
  • Soft shampoos for regular use and cleaning shampoos to get rid of stink and stains.
  • Special antibacterial shampoos (for dogs with skin problems) and shampoos that protect a dog against dangerous insects.
  • Professional shampoos that are used to prepare a dog for a dog show (with toning agents, etc.)
Warning! If you use some topical liquid as Frontline Plus or Advantix, bathe your Dachshund just once a month (2-4 days before new portion of topical liquid is applied).

It is advisable to be equipped with the first two groups of shampoos: use soft shampoo for regular washing, cleaning shampoo for the cases, when your Dachshund is extremely dirty, and the special ones as a preventive measure.

Be careful! Flea shampoo is too “hard” for weekly use and can be very toxic if applied regularly.

Best Brands

Good brands and choices of shampoos are:

  • Isle of Dogs Shampoos.
  • Doctors Foster and Smith Premier System Shampoo.

Good conditioners are:

  • Isle of Dogs conditioners.
  • Doctors Foster and Smith Premier System Conditioner (or their VitaSheen Moisturizing Conditioner).

Another good choice for shampoos and conditioners is Oster grooming products. Lastly, is Miracle Coat.

Advice: if you bathe your Dachshund too often (your dog is hunting or taking part in dog shows), try to adhere to creamy natural shampoos that will not dry the skin, for example, Wiener Dog Soap Shampoo.
Recommendation: never use shampoos for human, as dogs have another skin pH.

Remember, that you should choose only high-quality shampoos and conditioners, since smooth Dachshunds have rather sensitive skin.

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Long haired Dachshund shampooDachshund dog shampooHow often should i bathe my puppy DachshundDachshund shampooBest Dachshund shampooBathing a Dachshund puppy

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