3 Weeks Old Husky


Siberian husky is a breed of dogs with a strong and independent character which needs a real leader beside it. These dogs are kind and friendly to both people and dogs, although primitive instincts can make them to run over by a passing-by cat or other animals.

The owner needs to train and educate a husky seriously to be able to control the dog in different situations.

Husky can get used to any family consisting of any number of people. The breed is very active and requires high physical activity. Without them the dog can be too excitable, will obey the owner’s orders worse and will entertain itself with different pranks.

Choosing a Husky Puppy

People who decide to purchase a husky puppy for the first time are usually guided by the following criteria:

  • coat color and eye color;
  • sex of the baby;
  • fatness of the animal.

All these criteria only partly true, as the color of the baby is unstable and will change in a couple of years, the fatness just means that the pet has a good appetite, and behaviors of females and males cannot vary greatly. Females are often more mischievous and cunning than males and like to do a tunnel. Males can be complaisant and gentle and adore children.

The choice of a husky puppy should be based on what aim you buy the dog for: you plan to present it at exhibitions, or it will participate in breeding or sports, maybe it will just be a pet accompanying the owner in trips.

Experienced husky owners make sure the baby have the traits that suit to standards and of a working dog.

Three weeks husky puppy should have the following traits:

  • straight teeth and a scissor bite;
  • nhick ears;
  • the tail hanging down and not rising above the height of back;
  • strong bones;
  • lively temperament, curiosity and energy;
  • any color, hazel or blue eyes in various shades.


A husky puppy which energy is overflowing needs constant feeding.

Food should be high-calorific and easy to digest, puppies up to four months should be fed at least three times a day, but six month old puppies can go to twice a day feeding.

If you intend feeding a natural diet, it must include:

  • Raw beef (or lamb) – 40%.
  • Boiled offal – 10%.
  • Rice, oat porridge – 20 per cent.
  • Dairy products – 20%.
  • Boiled carrots or cabbage – 10%.
Warning! The bone is allowed to give only up to five months, when there is the change of teeth. After the change of teeth a puppy’s teeth can be sewn and sharp pieces can injure its stomach.

Three month old husky puppies should receive vitamin complexes which will help to strengthen bones and joints.

Dry food which can be bought in stores and are intended for food husky, contain all essential nutrients and vitamins that puppies need. This convenience and balance diet make the process of growing pet much easier.

Be careful! If you are feeding your puppy with dry food it is not recommended to give natural food, except dairy products and vegetables.


The owner of a husky puppy should know that this breed loves the freedom, the husky often runs away, so the command “come” should be the fundamental from the first day.

It is desirable that husky calmly reacts to any irritating factors: urban noise, cars, other animals, people – changing the routes of the walks, the owner quickly socializes his puppy.

Training lessons must be visited immediately after the end of the quarantine, especially for exhibition puppies.

If a husky puppy lives in the house, constantly communicating with the owner and family members, walks on a leash for at least two hours per day, it can quickly grow up as the smartest dog, who understands all commands and situations.

Advice: the more time you spend with your puppy during its maturation, its intelligence will be higher.


Taking everything into account we can say that huskies are intelligent and smart dogs that are loved by many people. During their maturation they can be learned different commands and good behavior. The only thing the owner should do is to take care of it, spend more time to trainings and periodically monitor its health.

7 Photos of the 3 Weeks Old Husky

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