Best Dog Names for Jack Russell Terriers: Female and Boy Lists

Famous jack russell terrier names


Having a new dog is always a good thing and picking a name for him/her is a very important moment because the name of the dog can describe his/her character. Dogs are individuals and do not forget that they may or may not like their names as well.

While looking for a name for Jack Russell Terrier it will be a good decision to take into consideration dog’s specific features. That means their appearance (Blackie, Snow, Spot, etc.), their character, funny moments from their life, etc.

Best jack russell terrier names

Of course, owners of Jack Russell Terriers prefer the names which can suit exactly their breed. That usually means that the name should be serious (like for a real hunter) or funny and cute.

Advice: Jack Russell Terrier name should be short and easy to recall.

Female list

Looking for a name for a female Jack Russell Terrier may become a serious challenge. The girls are usually very funny, but it is important to find something soft and sweet as well. The easiest way is to look for the famous and common name. Here can be Amy, Amber, Bonnie, Candy, Dana, Lady, Lily, Meg, Misty, Pea, Pepper, Pixie, etc.

If you are looking for something exotic, here can be some options for you:
• Abby (Hebrew for rejoicing);
• Anna, Annie (Hebrew for grace);
• Bambi (Italian for little girl);
• Bonnie (pretty);
• Brandy (burning wine);
• Brenda (Norse for sword);
• Bunny (little rabbit);
• Cleo (Greek);
• Dawn (Sunrise);
• Flora (Latin for flower);
• Gracie (Latin for good will);
• Juno (Roman for the Goddess and protector of women);
• Kali (Swahili for fierce);
• Katie (Greek for pure);
• Rosie (Latin for rose);
• Roxy (Persian for star);
• Sheba (Hebrew for a daughter of an oath).

Good jack russell terrier names

Boy Names

The process of choosing a name for a male Jack Russell Terrier is usually a little bit easier. As far as this breed is very funny itself and this type of dog really likes playing, running and jumping, male names are usually chosen according to the funny character of the dog. Here the fantasy can lead you different names such as Alfie, Jumpie, Boogie, Casper, Dandy, Dilly, Fox, Jazzy, Lucky, Shorty, Skip, Sparky, etc.

The list of Jack Russell Terrier male names with different meanings is rather big. Here are some names which can be suitable for your boy:
• Amos (Hebrew for strong);
• Atlas (Greek god);
• Bijou (French for jewel);
• Blitz (Lightning);
• Charlie (Germanic for free man);
• Chico (Spanish for boy);
• Loki (Norse God);
• Louis (Germanic for frame and war);
• Max (from Latin Maximus).

The Most Popular Names

The process of choosing a name may look very tiring and in order to avoid it you can stop your choice on the most popular Jack Russell Terrier names which are Russell, Jack, Jackie and Milo (from the movie “Mask”). But there is no matter which name you choose, you should remember that your pet’s name should describe his/her personality and the only thing which can stop you is your imagination.

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