Average Beagle Lifespan: How to Make Your Beagle’s Life Expectancy Longer

Allevamento Beagle dogs life

Choosing a dog is a big responsibility and there are many factors which may influence the choice. Picking a beagle means taking into consideration many things and one of them is life expectancy.

Of course, different breeds have different average lifespan. Usually beagles’ average lifetime is between 12 and 15 years. But the important point here is that life expectancy can be influenced by different factors. These can be genetics, diseases, risks, environment, etc.

Allevamento Beagle dogs life

For example, puppies are more vulnerable to infections and traumas; and if you have a grown up beagle, you need to pay more attention to his/her traumas, genetic and neurological diseases, etc.

In order to make your beagle’s life expectancy longer, you can suit several simple rules. These rules will help you to take care after your pet and keep him/her safe:

  • Ask your vet for an advice which will help to prevent cancer appearance with your beagle.
  • Your beagle must have a special diet which will help your pet to stay strong, full of energy and healthy.
  • Attention! Your beagle must never eat table food. This type of food has negative effect on beagle’s health.
  • Make sure you do all the procedures in order to avoid traumas. This can be connected with your dog walking out to the street, sitting in the car, etc.
  • Groom your beagle in a correct way. The right bathing, cleaning, brushing, etc. will help you to avoid skin problems which may influence your pet’s health as well.
  • You have to remember that there are some infections which may be very dangerous for your beagle. Make sure your pet is vaccinated in time in order to avoid risks.
  • Beagles may be harmed by different chemicals from the air. Try to avoid this kind of places (for example, the ones where the smoke is in the air).
  • You have to remember that beagle is a very energetic breed. This type of dog needs to run and burn calories a lot. That means that they have to do many exercises. Even if you live in the big city, you have to let your dog run in the park at least three times a week. It will be also a good idea to let your dog play with other dogs: this will burn even more energy.
  • Never forget about regular visits to your veterinary. Professional vet will always help you with an advice, remind about vaccinations, help with the diet, etc.

Of course, dogs do not have the same age like humans do. One year of dog’s life is approximately six years of human’s one. In order to make your beagle’s life expectancy as long as you can, you will have to take care of your pet, because only your love and attention may make your friend’s life longer.

Average lifespan of a miniature Beagle

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