Potty Training a Cocker Spaniel

American cocker spaniel potty training


Well-bred cocker spaniel will become a true friend and a real helper to its owner. Extremely active and movable cockers differ in the same mobile intelligence. They literally catch everything on fast: thrown toys, given commands, and even thoughts of the owner, understanding him perfectly.

Often the education and training of the cocker spaniel becomes an exciting game that brings you a lot of joy and new discoveries about your pet.

Cocker spaniel toilet training

Rules for Potty Training

Cocker spaniel is not the dog which is calm most of the time. Its life is in motion. Therefore, when you take a puppy, immediately take care of its socialization. It is very important. First, it will help your dog to develop appropriate responses to people, animals and the world around us. Second, it will learn to navigate in difficult situations, become more confident and more educated. Thirdly, it will make the dog safe for other people.

At the age of 3 months properly socialized puppy should take people with unusual appearance (of course, from its point of view) and sharp sounds: the roar of aircraft, thunder, fireworks, cars etc easy.

Advice: the owners who know in advance that they will not be able to pay a lot of attention to this dog should not have a cocker spaniel. The dog will suffer from a lack of communication, which can lead to occurrence of diseases of different types.

Potty Training

Potty training is as important for a cocker spaniel as socialization. At the age of a month a puppy can be trained to simple commands. In the future, it is trained to perform common commands, to swim (from 4 months), to find hidden objects and to walk next to the leash without it.

Potty training for cocker spaniel

Correct and quick execution of the command should be accompanied by encouragement and praise from the owner. You can train your cocker spaniel puppy in the forest, in the park and in other quiet places where there are few external irritants.

There are some recommendations how to potty train cocker spaniels:

  • Give a puppy more time. The training should be held regularly.
  • Show more perseverance and patience during exercise.
  • The best way training is a game. Through game your pet will not be scared of his owner.
  • Encourage your pet for the correct execution of the exercise or command.

Toilet Training

Not everyone knows how to teach a dog to go to the toilet properly and everyone is trying to come up with their unsuccessful methods. You need lay under newspapers, if the puppy decides to “answer call of nature” it can use them. At first every three hours you should take the dog outside, preferably after feeding.

When your dog is outside, choose the place where a puppy can do the deed. When you take the dog for a walk on a leash, give it some freedom so it can choose the place where it needs to go to the toilet. But you should take a dog from the places where is not desirable to go to the toilet.

If you have your own fenced yard it is not necessary to take a dog on a leash. A puppy knows that it can go to the toilet in the yard. As soon as the dog will choose a place for the toilet, start walking from this place every time you go for a walk on a leash.

Warning! You should not punish a puppy if it has done the deed at home. Cocker spaniel can be frightened and the next time it can hide “its deed”. Remove everything with special disinfectants that do not leave the smell.


Training is an integral part of the life of cocker spaniels. If you cannot spend a plenty of time for it, it is best to consult a qualified dog trainer. If you follow recommendations your dog will be well-bred and educated.

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