Shih Tzu Pregnacy Information: How long is a Shih Tzu Pregnant, Signs, Care and Food

How long is a Shih Tzu pregnant for

Is she?

Psychological changes

The main thing you would probably like to know about your dog’s pregnancy is how to test whether she actually is. The very first sign is behavior. Behavior is bound to alter under overwhelming pressure of hormones. She will look more so to say friendly; will try to look for your attention more than usual. Or she may look depressed and lethargic. Anyway, her behavior will digress from the usual.


Apart from psychological changes, check your female Shih Tzu’s body. Swollen, hardened, sharpened nipples are a true sign of pregnancy.

How long is a Shih Tzu pregnant


When pregnant, Shih Tzu’s vulva swells up. But unlike swelling during heat, in this case vulva doesn’t bleed and the swelling will not go down until after the very birth. If your bitch starts licking her vulva from time to time because of raising discomfort, this is also the sign.

Pregnancy Bump

It’s a common knowledge that during pregnancy a tummy starts growing. So if you see a bump on her side and notice that her gait has changed (she’s swelling back and forth while walking), it means she is pregnant. The tummy steadily grows starting from the third week.

Take-care Calendar

Knowing week by week timeline of events and how long they last can help you to face any difficulties with bells on. All in all, the length of pregnancy cycle is nine weeks in total.

Shih Tzu pregnancy calendar symptoms care
Week What happens What to do
  • after mating fertilization ovulation occurs, although it may take more than one mating to achieve ovulation;
  • in the beginning of week 1, the bitch may show signs of morning sickness.
she may need a vitamin supplement your vet can prescribe
  • the cells begin to grow and separate, new embryos descent into uterus;
  • usually during this week the vulva swells.
feed and exercise your dog as usual
  • embryos begin to implant into the uterus, where they will get vital nutrients from the body;
  • the fetuses on this stage are less than one cm long.
  • watch the eating habits. If the dog’s appetite increases, extend her ration accordingly;
  • keep content of the ration the same.
  • fetuses’ spine and eyes begin to develop, faces begin to form;
  • fetuses increase to about half an inch. The dog’s nipples swell, her vagina discharges thin, clear liquor.
  • limit rough play, and active exercises;
  • on this stage the dog’s diet should probably be adjusted, consult a vet to find out if it’s necessary.
  • amniotic fluid increases to protect puppies, which means they are not as vulnerable to physical damage as before;
  • their individual toes begin to shape; whiskers and claws start to grow;
  • besides, on this stage fetuses’ sexes are defined.
  • as the bitch’s weight increases, you should extend the ration now if you haven’t done it yet;
  • feed often and in small portions;
  • start feeding the bitch puppy food, for this is the ideal diet for a pregnant dog, buy her puppy replacement milk and allow her to drink that a couple of times a day as it is high in protein and fat;
  • make ultrasound scan to know number of puppies and search for problems they may have.
  • the tummy increases;
  • the puppies gain skin pigmentation and markings.
  • increase the amount of puppy food in the diet;
  • add multivitamin supplement to the ration;
  • prepare a box for whelping.
  • the dog starts shedding hair on the belly;
  • the puppies on this stage finish their pre-natal development.
  • stop feeding puppy food and get back to the normal diet plan your dog had had before the conception;
  • yet, the amount of consumed food should stay high.
  • the bitch displays so-called nesting behavior; she is thoroughly looking for an ideal place for birth and breastfeeding. Alas, there is no chance you can force her to prefer some place over another, you’ll just have to accept where this place is situated (e.g.) under your bed.
  • the dog starts producing colostrum(a yellowish liquid, especially rich in immune factors, secreted by the mammary gland of female mammals a few days before and after the birth of their young);
  • even though the dog may give birth on this stage, she is supposed to stay pregnant for one more week.
  • avoid anything which may result in the early labor – rough play or any stimulation.
9 the dog’s appetite may drop
  • your bitch should comfortably lie in the whelping area. You can arrange one;
  • don’t try to feed her more than she demands.
The birth
  • temperature falls from 101°F to about 99°F before the labor;
  • the bitch starts giving birth.
  • you had better call someone experienced to deliver a puppy;
  • lay down plastic and cover this with clean towels or blankets for the dog to lay on;
  • if there are more than four puppies to be born, the dog will probably need C-section;
  • if the dog doesn’t lick the sac off the puppy and doesn’t break the umbilical cord by her own, use your fingers to simulate the licking, and cut the umbilical cord by a string;
  • if the mother doesn’t lick the puppy, rub him with fabric to stimulate blood flow;
  • if a puppy’s breath is hardened, use a syringe bulb to remove fluids from the mouth and nose of the puppy;
  • after it’s done, offer your dog food and drink.


In the end we would like to say that the main thing you need to know about pregnancy and all the stuff is that any disturbing sign (bleeding, overly lethargic or irritated behavior) should ring the bell – a vet knows better what to do in any case.

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