Cocker Spaniel Pregnancy Information

7 week pregnant cocker spaniel
7 week pregnant cocker spanielAmerican cocker spaniel pregnancyare of a pregnant cocker spanielHow long is a cocker spaniel pregnant

Introduction Cocker spaniel’s pregnancy lasts about 9 weeks, but sometimes there is premature birth, or delivery can be delayed by about a week. But there is no reason for the owner to worry, the […]

Potty Training a Cocker Spaniel

Potty train cocker spaniel puppies
Cocker spaniel potty trainingPotty training for cocker spanielCocker spaniel toilet trainingHow long to potty train a cocker spaniel

Introduction Well-bred cocker spaniel will become a true friend and a real helper to its owner. Extremely active and movable cockers differ in the same mobile intelligence. They literally catch everything on fast: thrown […]

Cocker Spaniel Eye Problems

Cherry eye in cocker spaniels
Cocker spaniel cherry eye surgery costAmerican cocker spaniel eye infectionCocker spaniel cherry eye causesCocker spaniel eye discharge infection

Introduction A Cocker Spaniel, as well as other purebreds, has a genetic predisposition to certain illnesses and conditions. It is crucial for a Spaniel owner to spot the early symptoms of an eye disease […]

Cocker Spaniel Ear Problems

Cocker spaniel ears
Cocker spaniel ear infection symptomsCocker spaniel ear infection remedyEar ablation surgery cocker spanielEar problems in cocker spaniels

Introduction Purchasing a cocker spaniel you have to be prepared for the fact that this breed needs a lot of time to spend for daily care. The cocker spaniel is a beautiful and elegant […]

Good Cocker Spaniel Names

Cocker spaniel names for puppies
Names for working cocker spanielsCocker spaniel dog names maleCocker spaniel names male puppyCocker spaniel names for puppies

Introduction Every dog owner always tries to find a name for a puppy that will be cool, fairly unusual and have some distinct meaning. Moreover, a name should sound easy and natural. In this […]

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