Siberian Husky and Poodle Mix: Appearance, Size and Temperament

The crossbreed between Siberian Husky and Poodle has several names: Huskydoodle, Huskapoo, Siberpoo, Poosky. It’s a designer breed, recognized by American Hybrid Canine Club (ACHC), International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) and Dog Registry of America (DRA). Let’s see if this mixed breed will make a good pet for you.


Poosky tends to have dominant Husky coloring with different color patches. They usually have silky medium length coat, slightly wavy, like the Poodles. But, being a designer dog, Poosky can have any combination of the coat characteristics of its parents.

Now sometimes it’s easier to predict the appearance of this breed, because it’s common to cross Poosky between each other, instead of using purebreds.


Poosky do shed, and require a good care for their fur, but they are also hypoallergenic, which makes them perfect for people suffering from dander allergy.

Important! With the thick fur inherited from Husky, Poosky will be good in the cold weather, but suffer in hot conditions. Summer stripping can be a good idea.


As for the size, you can expect to have a medium-sized dog, around 21-24 inches tall and 40-65 pounds of weight.

Health and Lifespan

The average life expectancy of Poosky is about 12 years. This breed is quite a healthy dog, that’s only known to be slightly predisposed for the hip dysplasia and other joint problems.

Also, the dog might inherit common Poodle stomach problems. Generally, Poosky doesn’t require too much medical attention, but, of course annual checkups are recommended.

Temperament and Exercise

This dog is an amazing companion dog, loving, friendly, cheerful and intelligent. One thing that can be spoiling their charming personality is aggression. Poosky usually are not very good with small children. Of course it’s not a verdict, if you socialize the dog from young age with children and other animals, this character feature can be suppressed.

Poosky will not make a good watchdog, they are not very vocal and not too interested in protecting their owners from intruders. This job is not for them, but finding Poosky something to do is a must.

This breed has a high energy level and curious nature, so if you don’t provide them with enough exercise during the day, don’t complain that they’re destructive at home. Ideally Poosky should have a fenced place in the yard, to spend a lot of time outside, playing and running. They are not the best as a home dog.


Poosky needs a firm hand to have a good behavior. They are very intelligent and might be extremely independent if they got this gene from Husky parent. The puppy should be trained regularly from the moment it appeared in your house.

They need obedience training and strict routine, socializing with other dogs and manners classes. This is not a dog for a fist-time shy owner. The best is to trust its agility and obedience training to professional kennels and specialized classes.


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8 Photos of the Siberian Husky and Poodle Mix: Appearance, Size and Temperament

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