Choosing the Right Shampoo for Your Husky: Tips and Important Advices

Siberian huskies are usually very clean dogs but like any other huskies they like playing in mud, rain, snow, etc. After these games they get really dirty and here comes the question how to bathe them properly and which shampoo to choose.

There are some special advices which will help you to make bathing process easier and less messy.

Brushing Your Husky

Brushing is one of the most important parts of husky’s life. If you brush your pet before bathing, this will make the process much easier. As far as husky have rather long fur, you shouldn’t ever skip this process.

Notice! Brushing before bathing will reduce wet fur in the tub.

There is a wide range of different brushes, so choosing the one which will be appropriate exactly for your dog will not be a problem.

Choosing the Right Shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo may be an important step of bathing process. Try to choose the one which contains less chemicals and which is more of organic components. This will reduce the risk of having skin irritation, red spots or allergies. Moreover, natural shampoos are safer if dog swallows it.

Another thing which you should take into account when choosing shampoo is how easy it can be rinsed off as bathing process shouldn’t take too much time. What is more, it is always a good thing when your husky’s fur becomes easy to be brushed and gets softer.

Once you notice that your dog is inching or scratching too much after shampoo, you have to change it. Many owners of huskies prefer using Sergeant Shampoo. The reason is that this shampoo doesn’t cause any skin problems. Furthermore, it removes all the mud from the skin and prevents irritation. The key ingredient of this shampoo is tea tree oil, which is natural and non-dangerous for huskies.

How to Bathe Your Husky

There are some rules how you should wash your husky and they are not very difficult:

  • Make your husky wet but try to avoid getting water into the ears.
  • Pour the shampoo on husky (or on your hand first) and massage it into the fur.
  • Pay more attention to husky’s stomach and the place under the tail. If your dog was playing outside, spend more time on washing its paws.
  • Rinse off all the shampoo. The water which comes off of the dog should be clean.
  • Towel the dog or use the dryer.
  • Brush husky again when its fur gets completely dry.
    • Some Important Advices

      Many dogs don’t like bathing, so, in order to make this process easier and more comfortable, hold one of its front paws off of the ground. This will help you to avoid husky’s shaking off the water. The point is that the dog can’t keep the balance standing on three legs, that’s why it will not shake.

      As it was mentioned, Siberian huskies are very clean dogs, so, if you dog wasn’t walking somewhere outside, it is not dirty and there is no mud on skin or fur, do not bathe the dog. Huskies do not need extra moisture. The same thing is about regular clean water on its face or fur. You don’t have to wash the dog. Just use regular towel in order to make this place dry.

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