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You are looking for mythological dog name and we found 10 names 🐶. Have you found a name that fits your dog?

Share your result ❤ if you've found a good catch.

Found 10 names:
  • Hercules
  • Odin
  • Thor
  • Apollo
  • Loki
  • Zeus
  • Ajax
  • Titan
  • Ares
  • Achilles

6 tips for choosing the best nickname for your dog

  • The nickname should be short and simple.
  • Choose a simple name that is familiar to all family members. It is best to stop the choice of the names of the heroes of films, cartoons, and games that all members of your family know.
  • Try to find not more than a two-syllable nickname. According to experts, this is very convenient. Most of the commands, such as: "sit" and "lie down", consist of two syllables, so it is easier for the dog to understand the nickname.
  • Better to choose a nickname that starts with a consonant. According to experts, consonant syllables are better perceived by dogs.
  • Choose a unique name. This will avoid confusion, for example, when walking on the street, when other owners call the namesake dogs.
  • The choice of a pet's name should be made by the whole family, and not by one person. If one of your family members do not like the nickname, this can cause some discord and even some negative attitude towards the pet itself, so the choice of a nickname is a joint affair of the whole family.

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