Names for the Husky with Blue Eyes: Browse Best Names and Advice Choice Name

One of the most beautiful features that can has an appearance of the purebred Siberian Husky are those piercing blue eyes, crystal clear and magical. They bring many different associations: sky, sea, snow, ice. All these things can give you an inspiration when you’re browsing for the name for your Husky. Let me give you some examples of our favorite blue-eyed Husky names.

Important! Make sure you know the meaning of the word you’re using for your dog’s name, better check it on internet in different languages. For your information, the name Suka, that is offered on many web-sites as Inuit “fast” (good match for Husky) is much better known as rude for “bitch” in Russian.

Name Based Color

First of all, let’s look at the most obvious ones. If you want to call your dog using the word “blue” you can do it those ways:

  • Azure (French for “blue sky”);
  • Indigo (deep blue color);
  • Cyan (greenish-blue or light blue color);
  • Sky (well, the sky is blue);
  • Zaffre (blue pigment, that is obtained by roasting cobalt);
  • Lapis (blue semi-precious stone);
  • Sapphire (blue jewel);
  • Han (Chinese blue copper silicate pigment).

Or just simply check for the word “blue” in different languages: azul (Spanish), gorm (Irish), albastru (Romanian), sin (Bulgarian), biru (Indonesian), sina (Macedonia) etc.

Сold Names

To be a little bit less literal, search for good names in cold winter topic:

  • Boreas (Latin for “Northern wind”);
  • Electra (Greek for “shining”);
  • Icey, Icy;
  • Crystal;
  • Frost;
  • Glacier;
  • Hey (Juncau for “winter”);
  • January;
  • Kita (Japanese for “north”);
  • Lumi (Finnish for “snow”);
  • Sesi (means “snow”);
  • Snowy;
  • Zefir (Greek for “west wind”);
  • Yuki (Japanese for “snow”);
  • Winter.

Name Based Metall

You can also use the name of the metal or material:

  • Cobalt;
  • Steel (or even “blue steel” if you like “Zoolander”);
  • Siver;
  • Denim.

Advice Choice Name

There’re plenty of names you can choose, but always think about some general rules:

  • Think of the short name for you dog straight away. If you will call your female Husky “poupette” (French for “doll”) make sure you’ll not end up calling her “poo” in the end.
  • Simple doesn’t mean boring. How many people you actually saw calling their dog on the street “Come here, Anna-Lucia Graziosa the third”? I bet none. So when trying to be over creative, remember, that “abyss” will quickly become just “abby”, so maybe calling the dog with a short name straight away?
  • If you’re raising a show dog and you would like it to participate in AKC (American Kennel Club) or other societies events and competitions, make sure you’re choosing the name that agrees with their standards.

9 Photos of the Names for the Husky with Blue Eyes: Browse Best Names and Advice Choice Name

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