Names for Black German Shepherd: Top 20 Popular Names and Tips for Choosing

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Getting a Black German shepherd may cause a serious question and this question is choosing the name for a dog. The problem is that the majority of dog owners are looking for names that can somehow describe their dogs, especially their appearance.

As far as Black German shepherd is black it seems that the name should be connected with something which is of black or dark color. The problem is that the majority of such names bring negative associations and even sound scary.

Advice: dogs can understand only two syllables, so avoid long names while choosing them.

Name Based Color

There are some options for Black German shepherd names which are associated with the black color:

  • Coal;
  • Jet/Jetta/Jettie (jet black);
  • Ebony;
  • Raven;
  • Sable;
  • Phantom;
  • Shadow/Shady;
  • Smokey;
  • Batman;
  • Bear;
  • Demon;
  • Midnight;
  • Ninja;
  • Phantom;
  • Puma;
  • Spot;
  • Zorro;
  • Inky;
  • Hershey (after the name of the chocolate);
  • Voodoo.

Also, you can always choose any foreign word with the meaning “dark” or “black”. Also, you can always choose any foreign word with the meaning “dark” or “black”. Here are the most popular and famous names but you can always find some extra options if you need the exotic variant:

  • Dolan (Irish for dark);
  • Kizzy (short for Kieran which has Irish roots with the meaning “dark”);
  • Efa (Welsh for darkness);
  • Blake/Blackie (an old English name for those who has dark skin or hair);
  • Noir (French for night);
  • Zelda (German nickname of Griselda, meaning Dark Battle);
  • Adham (Arabic for dark);
  • Azur (Egyptian for black);
  • Brena (Irish for raven-haired);
  • Cosmos (Russian for space);
  • Duff/Duffy (Scottish for dark);
  • Kala (Hindi for black);
  • Kerry (Irish for black-haired);
  • Kuro (Japanese for black);
  • Leila (Arabic for as “dark as night”);
  • Nero (Latin for dark).


When you are choosing the name for your Black German shepherd, try to think not only about his appearance but about his character as well. For example, if your pet likes playing with mud and he is always dirty, Inky might be possible for him. The same thing can be said about some funny occasions in his life.


Do not get stuck on his black fur, try to think creatively and take into consideration his personality. Furthermore, if you are planning to participate in any kind of dog contest or shows in the future, you need to think about your dog’s name carefully because here the name should be bright and memorable.

And of course, do not forget that no one likes long names: your Black German shepherd will not understand and remember it. Furthermore, for you, it will be difficult to pronounce.

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