German Shepherd Eye Problems: Diseases and Treatment


Each breed of dogs has typical diseases which may develop regardless of master’s care and dog’s health. The German shepherd eye problems are often expected, and may become dangerous if not detected in time. Today we shall explain the main symptoms to worry about and consider the treatment.

Is the Eye OK?

The healthy German Shepherd eye is shining, clear, with no or little red vessels on the white of the eye. Sometimes white slime may ooze out of the eye corners after the sleep. That isn’t an illness — just take the matter away with a tampon of cotton wool.

If there is too much light, dust, steam or other small particles in the air, the shepherd may blink or squint to protect the eyes from the external impact.

Red Eyes Problem

The first sight of troubles that the dog masters catch is red eyes. Nevertheless, that can be a natural reaction to some irritants.

The best way to calm yourself down and prevent the suffering of the pet is going to the veterinarian. But before you visit the doctor, it’s handy to be aware of the common eye problems to prevent the disease development.

Blood Pressure

When the German Shepherd has exercise stress as long running or fighting, its arterial pressure increases. Blood flows to all parts of the body and organs full of thin vessels like eyes or ears become red — just like our ears and faces. In this case, just let the dog calm down.

Allergies Eyes

In the event of allergies, eyes often become reddish. The cause may be a new food, pet or household chemicals. When the irritant gets directly into the eye, rinse it with a lot of boiled water at room temperature, and call the vet.

Dry Eyes

Walking against the wind may dry the eyes, especially when the wind is carrying grains of sand. In this case, rinsing is enough to prevent eye infection. But if they lack wetness afterwards, it may be dangerous dry eyes syndrome. Hard dark secretions around the eyeball is an alarm bell to go to the vet.

Eye Diseases

Reddening of the eyeball, secretions and anxious behaviour of the dog also indicate serious eye diseases or infections.


If the one eye is red, closed and too wet, and the dog avoids touching even with its own paws, that may be an injury. Beware the cat’s claws — they carry dangerous bacteria. Thus if your pets have had a skirmish, take the shepherd to the clinic immediately.


The German Shepherd breed runs the danger of pannus. This disease causes third eyelid and cornea, the transparent layer forming the front of the eye to go tuberous and dark, therefore dog loses the ability to see.

The cause of the illness is ultraviolet rays and it’s common for shepherds which live in mountains, deserts or other sunny places. After visiting the vet, you must be ready to buy special sunglasses for your dog.


Have doubts about what’s wrong with your German Shepherd’s eyes? Go to the veterinarian clinic or just call the doctor to get advice. There are no incurable diseases if the treatment comes in time.

9 Photos of the German Shepherd Eye Problems: Diseases and Treatment

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Medically reviewed by Awilda Rodriguez, DVM on August 15th, 2016,

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