German Shepherd Pitbull Mix: Interesting Facts and Common Information

A German Shepherd Pitbull Mix, as you can presume is a result of interbreeding between a German Shepherd and a Pitbull. To understand the peculiarities of the hybrid dog, let’s find out the main features of its basic breeds.

Basic Breeds

A German Shepherd is a very popular breed due to such features as:

  • kindness;
  • cleverness;
  • ability to trainings;
  • generous appearance.

Today all over the world a German Shepherd is considered to be a friend, a helper at home and at work.

Reputation of a Pitbull is not definite. This breed can be described by such peculiarities as:

  • strong muscles;
  • activeness;
  • fight instincts.

A Pitbull could be really dangerous in case of wrong growing up. That’s why this breed was limited or banned in some countries of the world.

Features of the Mixed Breed

As one can notice, a German Shepherd Pitbull Mix is a hybrid of two unlike breeds. Its appearance can look differently; it depends on gene combinations inherited from both parents.

In most occasions this dog has brown and black colors on its fur, with muzzle similar to Pitbull’s one. It is a dog of medium size. Commonly one can light up such features as:

  • activeness;
  • muscle power;
  • cleverness;
  • ability to trainings.

Having the Dog at Home

The stereotype of absolute dangerousness of a Pitbull is carried by a German Shepherd Pitbull Mix too. It is connected with the news about dogs’ attacks. But the dangerousness is a line of owner’s mistakes.

Before getting a dog of this breed you must know some serious facts about it:

  • You should bring your puppy to the dogs’ training ground constantly. Thus the dog will grow up harmless and well-mannered.
  • You should provide a number of physical exercises. Some people take their dogs to run or jog every day. Less active owners try to arrange an isolated place in a house or a yard where a dog could express its energy.
  • You wouldn’t rather have any other pets at home. This dog needs to be a dominant.
  • This breed is not so right for keeping in a flat.
  • Big weight could damage dog’s health, so in addition to trainings you should control dog’s meal by following vet’s advices.
  • Sometimes it is needed to brush dogs’ fur, trim nails and clean ears. Your dog must be accustomed to grooming since young age to avoid further fear or aggression to this process.
Important! You must pay a lot of time, attention and energy being an owner of a German Shepherd Pitbull Mix.

A German Shepherd Pitbull Mix in case of proper trainings will become an excellent guard dog and a good companion for you.

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