German Shepherd Malamute Mix: Appearance, Temperament and Training


Purebreds can be mixed for various reasons – to make an interestingly looking dog, to enhance some character features or to improve breeds health. One thing you should remember when going for the mixed breeds is that in the first generation the chances to get any parents features are exactly 50%-50%.

But there’re hybrids that proved to be so good that the breeders started crossing the newly bred dogs to get more stable results. One of those breeds is a cross between Malamute and German Shepherd. Let me tell you what you can expect from those.

The official name for the breed is Alaskan Shepherd, it is recognized by DRA (Dog registry of Americs ) and IDCR (International Designer Canine Registry). On some fan web-sides it’s also nicknamed Al Shep, which is kind of cool.


There’re plenty of different combinations of German Shepherd and Malamute features that can be creating the looks of this dog. Sometimes it looks like very fluffy German Shepherd, similar in color, but a bit different with the head shape.

Quite often it’s a wolf-like dog, fluffy, with patches of random color on its coat. Also it can be a white and grey dog of Shepherd statue. If you choose a second or third generation puppy there are better chances to guess the future look of the dog.

One thing you should be ready for, if the dog got at least some of the Shepherds genes – it will shed quite a lot. So this is not a breed for people that are allergic to fur or the control-obsessed characters that like to keep everything sterile.


Both breeds are famous for their intelligence and working qualities. So, one thing you shouldn’t let this dog – is to get bored. It’s perfect companion dog, friendly, protective, an ideal partner for outdoors activities. He will run with you, play Frisbee, swim, do almost anything except solving crosswords.

One thing he won’t do – is calmly stay at home, philosophically thinking about life. No. If this dog has nothing to do it might destroy everything around. Not because of mischievous character, but because he has too much energy to burn.


Usually Alaskan Shepherd is good with kids, but of course, if it got proper training in young age and enough socialization with people and other pets. With the Malamute side prevailing, the dog will need a strong pack hierarchy to know its place and you’ll need to show yourself as Alfa, so the puppy doesn’t become unmanageable. If you don’t tame this side of his character, Alaskan Shepherd can become a bully for the other dogs and home tyrant for children.

This breed can be an amazing companion for strong-willed active people. He will bond with the whole family if trained properly and can live indoors if it gets enough play time every day.


It is very clever breed and can be used for many jobs, even as police or rescue dog. Make him happy and he will become your best friend.

10 Photos of the German Shepherd Malamute Mix: Appearance, Temperament and Training

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Written by Silvia Brown
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