German Shepherd Shedding: How Much Shedding and How to Take Care

German Shepherd shedding
Introduction Shedding is one of many biological processes that occur inside a dog’s body, and in this case, it goes throughout the year. There are a couple of reasons behind dog shedding, which are […]

9 Week Old German Shepherd: Weight and Size, Training

9 week old German Shepherd puppies
9 Weeks Old If you’ve got a German Shepherd puppy that is around 9 weeks old, then there are many concerns you need to care for. There’s the problem of biting, correct feeding, and […]

6 Week Old German Shepherd: Size and Weight, Bite Inhibition

6 week old German Shepherd puppies
6 Weeks Old So, your puppy is already 6 weeks old. At that point, it is still under its mother’s cover, but already can perform many tasks pretty well, such as confidently walking. Though […]

German Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix: The Advantages of Half-Bred Dogs and Common Features of Two Breeds

German Shepherd and golden retriever mix
Introduction Although many specialists recommend starting keeping only pure-bred dogs, a lot of owners tend to experiment and mix several breeds in one puppy. In this article we are going to talk about German […]

10 Week Old German Shepherd: Weight and Size, Behavior

10 week German Shepherd puppy
10 Weeks Old When a puppy reaches 10 weeks of age, or 2,5 months, it is fully ready to be trained, and probably should be. If you’ve nailed down the bite inhibition, it will […]

Food for German Shepherd Puppy: Quality Nutrition and Feed Recommendations

What is the best puppy food for German Shepherds
Introduction German shepherds are very active, agile and smart dogs,  and to unleash their full potential they require  special nutrition.   Several other factors should be also taken into consideration when  choosing the food for […]

Chihuahua German Shepherd mix: Size, Weight , Temperament and Tips for Training

Chihuahua German Shepherd mix
German Shepherd German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent, athletic and commonly seen dog breeds in the world. They are used everywhere – companion dogs, law enforcement, army or just as a loyal […]

Beagle and German Shepherd mix: Common Information and Interesting Facts

beagle German Shepherd
Introduction Some people say that it is bad to mix two different breeds of dogs and we can only get a bad animal as a result of this mixture. Although nowadays it is very […]

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix: Lifespan, Weight, Size and Other Exterior Features

Bullmastiff German Shepherd
Introduction and The main goal of dog breeding has always been a creation of a “perfect” dog for some specific purposes: guarding, hunting, military service or aid for physically challenged people. The aim is […]

1 Year Old German Shepherd: Weight, Training and Other Facts about Age of One Year

1 year old German Shepherd weight
Appearance and Behaviour A German shepherd is the dog that has outstanding skills for guarding. Besides, it possesses a real beauty of the hair and perfectly gets along with people and other animals. Although […]

7 Months Old German Shepherd: Size, Weight, Height, Ears and Behaviour

7 month old German Shepherd female
Introduction A German shepherd is an amazing breed. It combines in itself all the positive qualities of a working dog, possesses great intelligence and a perfect ability to be trained. Puppies of this breed […]
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