German Shepherd Shedding: How Much Shedding and How to Take Care

do German Shepherds shed
German Shepherd shedding tipshow often do German Shepherds shedGerman Shepherd sheddingGerman Shepherd shedding solution

Introduction Shedding is one of many biological processes that occur inside a dogs body, and in this case it goes throughout the year. There are a couple of reasons behind dog shedding, which are […]

9 Week Old German Shepherd: Weight and Size, Training

9 week old German Shepherd puppy biting
9 week old German Shepherd puppy biting9 week old German Shepherd ears9 week old German Shepherd puppies9 week old German Shepherd

9 Weeks Old If you’ve got a German Shepherd puppy which is around 9 weeks old, then there are many concerns you need to care for. There’s the problem of biting, correct feeding and […]

How to Train a German Shepherd to Attack: Owner Defense, Training Age and Useful Advices

German Shepherd trained to attack
how to train a German Shepherd puppy to attackGerman Shepherd attack training schoolhow to train German Shepherd to attack on commandattack training for German Shepherds

Owner Defense One of the most important and main things why people get large dog breeds, such as Labradors and German Shepherds, is because those dogs can defend the owner when needed. They are […]

German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia: Treatment, Surgery and Prevention

German Shepherd dysplasia symptoms
Hip dysplasia in German Shepherd dogsGerman Shepherd hip dysplasia treatmentGerman Shepherd hip dysplasiaHow to prevent hip dysplasia in German Shepherds

German Shepherd Illnesses As with other dog breeds, German Shepherds may also get sick with many different illnesses, be it a common cold or cancer. Sometimes, those illnesses are acquired, and in other cases […]

6 Week Old German Shepherd: Size and Weight, Bite Inhibition

German Shepherd puppy training 6 weeks
German Shepherd puppy training 6 weeks6 week old German Shepherd biting6 week old German Shepherd puppy weight6 week old German Shepherd puppies

6 Weeks Old So, your puppy is already 6 weeks old. At that point, it is still under mother’s cover, but already can perform many tasks pretty well, such as confidently walking. Though it […]

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