Potty Training a Siberian Husky Puppy: at Home and Outside, Timing and Commands

Doesn’t matter if you have just got yourself an adorable Husky puppy or adopted a mature dog, you might face an unpleasant habit it seems to have developed of pooping and peeing indoors.

Of course easy solution is to let the dog live all its life outside…. not impressed with this idea? Very good, then gather all your patience and lets house break your dog!

Husky potty training tips

Any dog, young or old can be trained to eliminate in certain area. Here’s your step by step instruction for the Siberian Husky puppy training:

  • Create and follow the schedule. Watch your dog – the puppy is not much different than the human baby. Most of the time its digesting system has it’s routine. For example, most of dogs will eliminate after 20-30 min after feeding. Once you’ve figured out their timing you can schedule the feeding for the time it’s convenient for you to take the dog out.
  • Choose the desirable eliminating area. We recommend you to start training your puppy for pooping outside straight away. It is important to get them to use this area for elimination every time, so it forms a reflex in their mind. So, you go out to your designated eliminating area, for example, 20 min after every meal and stay there until the puppy will do what he is supposed to. When, finally, he does, praise him and give a high value treat. If the puppy doesn’t understand what is he supposed to be doing here, come back indoors for ten minutes, and go out again for another ten to the designated area. Repeat this until the dog eliminates and you can give him a well-deserved praise. Take the puppy back home straight after pooping or peeing, so he understands that the main point of going out is done with.
  • Clean properly. Of course, in the beginning of training your dog will make mistakes and still eliminate in the house occasionally. If this happens, it’s very important to clean this area with specially designed chemicals. If you just wash the carpet with simple soap, or clean the floor with ammonia product it will keep attracting the dog again and again. So make sure there’s no smell of fesses left. And If there are some excrements – bring them to the designated elimination area for the dog to smell.
  • Limit dogs living area. It is very important to catch the dog with the first signs of being ready to eliminate. When you see them, you can quickly react and bring the puppy to the proper pooping place. But if you open the whole house to dogs, than you will hardly have your eyes on them all the time, and skipping one poop at home means stepping a little bit back each time. So, place the baby barriers and limit the living area for your puppy, for example, with only the ground floor. This way you have more control over his toilet behavior.
  • See the signs. If the dog is circling frantically, sniffing around with his tail up, beware. He’s searching for the place to eliminate. Grab the dog immediately and bring it to the designated place. Don’t call him or wait for him, just grab, there’s no time for discussions.
Important! A small puppy doesn’t have much control over his bladder, so keep him close during the night and be ready to run to the designated area at least twice a night.

It’s not only the puppies that occur to have the potty problem. Sometimes the adult dog that used to live outdoors or that is confused with the change of owner and house has the similar problem. The steps are the same, but you have to be stronger in will to train a mature dog. Good luck!

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Written by Silvia Brown
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