6 Month Beagle Puppy: Physical Appearance, Weight and Size


The beagle is a well-proportioned and well-muscled hound dog. If you look at a dog of this breed, you will get the impression of nobility without coarseness.

The beagle was bred specifically for hunting, with the ability to prosecute the victim on the trail.

Beagles have courage, quick reflexes and an ability to make the right decision instantly in extreme situations. Dogs of this breed are extremely friendly and cheerful. If you have children, the beagle will be a great friend for them.

During the communication with the beagle it seems to be very alert, lively, active and intelligent. Besides, they will never show unreasonable aggression towards other animals, especially to people.

Physical Appearance

A large and powerful head of the Beagle should not have any folds or wrinkles. Slightly bulging forehead is bulky and has an occipital protuberance. Absolutely mild face has slightly pendulous lips. A big nose has rather wide nostrils.

The beagle has a black color, but also there are dogs with lighter coat color. Big eyes are far away from each other, but have a charming expression. Eyes color can vary from dark to light brown, depending on the coat color. Ears of the beagle should be soft and closely adjacent to its cheeks.

Beagles have unloaded shoulders, strong elbows without inversion in any direction, smooth forearm and short legs with short claws. The hind legs have powerful thighs, well-defined angle of the knees and dense, rather short legs with short claws.

Weight and Size

The Beagle should gradually gain its main weight approximately to 9-13 kg from 6 – 12 months. The height of a dog can reach a maximum value of forty centimeters.

To the twelve months, the Beagle should have standard parameters of weight and height. Female puppies can be slightly less than males. Many veterinarians rely on a special table of a parity of growth and weight of the Beagle.

Recommendation: do not worry if your beagle’s parameters do not match to the standards because each individual is unique and there are no exact standards.


6 month old beagle puppy begins to show its character and it will be more difficult to train it.

Be careful! When the beagle reaches 10 months, it will be impossible to train it. It is very important not to miss a favorable period for training.

You should not raise your voice, scream, and especially to apply physical force during training. Such methods will not lead to good things and will only show the pet that you have no influence to it.

Warning! Bullying will lead to the fact that the beagle misses trust to its owner, becomes uncontrollable and cowardly.

The first trainings should be short, no more than 20-30 minutes a day. You can use treats for correct execution of the command and reward the pet with praise to attract the attention and interest the dog in the commands.

You need to have the sequence and patience during the education of the beagle. When a dog has learned the previous task, you can go to training the next command.

Commands can be given with a clearly and strict tone. The beagle must understand what the owner requires from it. It is not necessary to allow him to shirk commands –but it is important to achieve the task. The training session should end with praise and fun games.

Remember! Beagles can quickly get bored, therefore training should be varied and interesting.


6 months old beagle should be fed 3 times a day. The diet includes marine fish, raw vegetables, wheat, also boiled offal – liver and chicken ventricles. You should give the fish boiled and freed it from the bones. As treats you can give crackers, slices of cheese, raw carrots, fruit.

If a puppy eats without appetite, there is no reason to worry about its health, do not give it what he wants. The bowl full of food must be eaten in 10-15 minutes. If the dog does not eat, you can remove the bowl into the refrigerator and then it is given again with the same ingredients. If a puppy constantly does not eat its food, you can reduce the volume of portions.

Attention! Do not forget about drinking water! Bowl should always be filled with fresh water.


Finally we can say that beagles are strong and friendly dogs. Owners should always pay attention to their health, system of training, diet as only the owners are responsible for their puppies.

If you are able to make the correct system of training, follow vets’ recommendations and just love and take of your pet, it will be the best friend for your children and a good member of your family.

10 Photos of the 6 Month Beagle Puppy: Physical Appearance, Weight and Size

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