Hairstyles for Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are well known for their long silky wood; thereby they are mostly used as exhibitory dogs. Therefore, a haircut is not just a necessity; it became more like a fashion statement.

After 6-7 months, young York can claim for model hairstyles. Do not be afraid of horror stories that if cut up to a year, will spoil his coat.

In the specialized forums, Yorkie owners in one voice argue that organization of timely grooming is possible and necessary. This will save you from such common problems as mats, easily produced in puppy soft and fluffy fur.

How to Cut Yorkie?

There are Three Types of Yorkshire Terriers Hairstyles:

  • Hygienic. Hygienic haircut some rank as standard, while others carry them in a separate category. A sanitary haircut recommends for puppies from four months of age. This includes cutting wool in the anal and groin placements, also trimmed the upper third of the ears, paws, and claws.

    The fact that wool is often confused, creating mats, after which the animal begins to suffer, skin fester, and may be abscesses.

  • Standard. The standard haircut at the beginning should be performed as well as hygienic. After that, the animal must take a bath, dry, and trim the hair on the ears, legs, beard, and bang. It is better to make borders among them. Organize such grooming once in two or three weeks, focusing on the rate of regrowth of his hair.
Advice: if the owner of the dog coat grows to participate in the show, it shows the standard haircut York only.
  • Model. There is a great variety of Yorkie model haircuts. It seems that many artists can be as much grooming options. However, the type of his coat guides the selection of style for your little dog. Will the coat suit the chosen hairstyle? A standard, shiny and smooth coat is able to take any desired shape. Owning a “shag” showing any options for haircuts. Boys terriers’ haircuts seem to be more classical, however, girls’ ones are more varied. Mostly, the female/male difference is clear only based on length: female’s is more long-haired, and male’s is short-haired.
Remember! That cutting is necessary because hair is constantly growing. It can cause a lot of trouble.

What is the most popular haircut for a Yorkie?

The most popular haircut for a Yorkshire Terrier is typically the “puppy cut” or “teddy bear cut.” This style involves cutting the coat short all over the body, leaving the hair on the head and face longer, and giving the dog a cute, fluffy appearance. This cut is popular because it is easy to maintain and it makes the Yorkie look like a cute little teddy bear.

Another popular haircut for Yorkies is the “show cut“, which is a longer style that is more similar to the dog’s natural coat. This style is typically seen in dog shows, as it highlights the breed’s characteristic long and silky hair.

Ultimately, the choice of hairstyle for a Yorkie will depend on the owner’s preferences and lifestyle. Some owners prefer the shorter and low-maintenance puppy cut, while others prefer the longer and more elegant show cut. It’s important to consult with a professional groomer to choose the best hairstyle for your Yorkie and their coat’s specific characteristics.

Different Coat Lengths for the Yorkshire Terrier?

There are several different coat lengths that can be achieved with a Yorkshire Terrier. Some popular coat lengths include:

  1. Puppy Cut: This is a short, easy-to-maintain cut that is popular among Yorkie owners who don’t want to spend a lot of time grooming their pet. The puppy cut is usually trimmed to about 1-2 inches all over the body.
  2. Teddy Bear Cut: This is a slightly longer cut that is similar to the puppy cut, but with longer hair on the face, ears, and legs. The teddy bear cut is usually trimmed to about 2-3 inches all over the body.
  3. Show Cut: This is the traditional Yorkie cut that is used in dog shows. It is a longer cut that is usually trimmed to about 4-5 inches all over the body. The hair on the face, ears, and legs is left longer and is often styled to give the dog a more elegant appearance.
  4. Floor length cut: This is a longer cut that is usually trimmed to around 6 inches all over the body, floor-length hair is not recommended due to the small size of Yorkshire Terrier, it can be heavy and may cause physical discomfort, also it’s harder to maintain.

It’s important to note that regardless of the coat length, regular grooming is important for Yorkies, as they have a fine, silky coat that can easily become matted and tangled. A professional groomer can help advise on the best grooming schedule for your individual Yorkie.

How often does a Yorkshire Terrier need a haircut?

Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies, typically need to be groomed every 4-8 weeks depending on the haircut and the dog’s coat. The frequency of grooming will depend on how fast the dog’s hair grows and how much shedding they do. Some Yorkies may need to be groomed more often, while others can go longer between grooming sessions.

The “puppy cut” or “teddy bear cut” which is a short and fluffy style, requires more frequent grooming as it tends to grow out quickly. Owners will likely have to take their Yorkie to the groomer every 4-6 weeks to keep the cut looking neat and tidy.

The “show cut” which is a longer style, requires less frequent grooming as it takes longer for the hair to grow out. Owners may only need to take their Yorkie to the groomer every 8-10 weeks.

It’s important to note that Yorkies are prone to matting, so regular brushing and combing are necessary to keep the coat in good condition between grooming sessions.

How long does it take a Yorkshire Terrier to grow a floor-length coat?

The amount of time it takes for a Yorkshire Terrier to grow a floor-length coat can vary depending on a few factors. The rate of hair growth can be different between individual dogs and can be affected by factors such as genetics, health, and nutrition.

Typically, it can take anywhere from 6-12 months for a Yorkie’s coat to grow to floor length. The hair growth rate can vary depending on the individual dog, but on average, Yorkie’s hair can grow about 1/2 inch per month.

It’s important to note that grooming is important for Yorkies with longer hair as they can easily develop matting and tangles if not groomed properly. A professional groomer can help advise on the best grooming schedule for your individual Yorkie.

It’s also important to note that floor length coat is not recommended for Yorkshire Terrier due to their small size, this kind of coat can be heavy and may cause physical discomfort, also it’s harder to maintain, it’s important to consider your pet’s well-being before deciding on a coat length.

What do You need for an appropriate Haircut?

  • Scissors of different sizes. This includes scissors 1) with a long blade straight and curved – for registration of the sides, feet, and tail; 2) small scissors with rounded tips for cutting around the ears, fingers, and eyes.
  • Special machine for grooming, complete with nozzles which are different. They should not be plastic, as this increases the time and impairs its quality.
  • Trimmer for faces and anal area.
  • Massage brush.
  • Anti-slip mat.
  • Guillotine Nail Clipper.
  • Dematters.
Advice: if you are going to get hairdresser’s service, do not stay with your pet. Your appearance will distract your Yorkie and it may disturb the master from his work.

10 Photos of the Hairstyles for Yorkshire Terriers

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