Hairstyles for Yorkshire Terriers

Short haired yorkshire terrier puppies for sale
Introduction Yorkshire Terriers are well known for their long silky wood; thereby they are mostly used as exhibitory dogs. Therefore, a haircut is not just a necessity; it became more like a fashion statement. […]

Dog names for Yorkshire terriers

Boy yorkshire terrier names
Introduction Yorkshire terriers are active, intelligent, curious and cheerful dogs. They are ready to play and fool all day long with their beloved owner. Yorkshire terriers are quickly related to people and they are […]

Lifespan of a Yorkshire Terrier

Life expectancy for a yorkshire terrier
Life Expectancy Usually, choosing pet potential owner’s eager to know how long it will live as it effects on their further life for more than one decade. This also applies to York, but their […]

Yorkshire Terriers’ Pregnancy

Pregnant yorkshire terrier symptoms
Introduction The Yorkshire terrier is a breed of dogs that cannot live without care and maintenance of its owner, especially during the period of pregnancy. Pregnancy of the female Yorkshire terrier is always something […]

Yorkshire Terrier Teeth

Yorkshire terrier double set of teeth
Introduction The teeth of any dog, regardless of breed must be in perfect condition. The lack of proper care of the teeth of the pet may cause the emergence of dental calculus, cracking of […]

Yorkshire Terrier x Poodle

Yorkshire terrier poodle mix for sale
Introduction Yorkie Poo, a.k.a. Yoodle, Yourkapoo or Yourkerpoo is a crossbreed of Yorkshire Terrier and Toy/Miniature Poodle. It is a relatively young breed, which has been popular for about a decade, so most of […]

How to Groom a Yorkshire Terrier

Grooming for yorkshire terrier
At Home Grooming a dog is a complex operation which includes brushing, bathing, teeth/nail/ear care and trimming. You can pretty much do all this at home on your own and it will be okay. […]

Yorkshire Terrier Eye Problems

Yorkshire terriers eyesight
Сleaning If you want your Yorkshire terrier’s eyes be clean, sound and look merry and happy you should give them special and – the most important – daily care. Many dog owners observe that […]

Yorkshire Terrier Skin Problems

Yorkshire terrier allergy sufferers
Introduction There might be multiple reasons why your Yorkie’s skin has turned from normal whitish pink to irritated red/dry/flakey/rough/swelling on some spots. You may also notice your dog chewing parts of his coat intensively, […]

Yorkshire Terrier Training Tips

Training for yorkshire terriers
Introduction Yorkshire Terrier Training is based on the same principles as the training of all other breeds. Yorkies are known for their cheerful and perky character. They are madly in love to their masters, […]

How to Potty Train the Yorkshire Terrier

How to potty train Yorkshire Terrier
Introduction The training of Yorkshire terrier must begin as early as possible. It requires consistency and proper stability. Despite the fact that the Yorkshire terrier is a dog of small breed it always wants […]
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